My mother often quoted Emily Post to shape my view on proper manners.  I learned to write thank you notes, how to address invitations, how to properly set the table…you name it and we went to Emily for advice.  The one thing that didn’t quite sink in though, was the RSVP.  I always intend to call the host and give them my attendance information, but inevitably, I forget.  I even forget to send the self addressed AND STAMPED wedding response cards.  I know.  It’s truly unforgivable.

But, that is one reason why is perhaps one of my most favorite websites ever.  We use it constantly around here, from big bashes to family gatherings.  It’s just such a fast, easy way to send information on a gathering, and also-people actually RSVP to an evite!  Including me!  I am super-awesome at responding with a simple click of a button verses making a phone call, sending an email, or licking an envelope.  I think other people out there have my same RSVP affliction too, because I rarely get a response on a paper invitation, but an Evite?  Almost 100% every time.  It’s awesome to be able to plan for attendance, for which I know the RSVP was invented.  But, we all have our deficiencies, right?

I wonder if we can start sending Wedding Evites?  I’m sure Emily would not approve…anyone up for rewriting that Big Book of Etiquette?