I love those Mac commercials with the young guy vs. the older guy…the “cool guy” vs. the “nerdy guy”….you know what I’m talking about.  Those commercials almost make we actually want a Mac, but PC is all I’ve ever known, and therefore, easier.

But this school year I’ve been thrust into the Mac world, and I’ve learned I confuse easily.  I really like a ton of the features on the Mac, but I feel lost on simple things like right clicking, and making folders to save all my stuff.  I love folders.  I have folders all over the place…hanging folders, manilla folders, colored folders, fun folders…and folders within folders on my computer.  Today I finally figured out how to do that, but I had to save them to my desktop, which seems crazy.  I never save to the desktop.  I barely even notice my desktop.  That seems to be one of the biggest differences…there’s lots of dragging and dropping on the Mac.  I must embrace the drag and drop.

So, despite the way cute commercials, and fun iphoto, I’m not completely won over yet…but we’ll see.

Any Mac Lovers out there?