These weeks before the kids start school leave the teachers running around like maniacs-believe it or not.  As a result, I’m on a daily quest for A Plan.  I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules to leave them unattended for large periods of time.  Anyway, today’s solution involved my husband “working from home” which means he went into work SUPER early, and packed up as much as he could handle for a day of work at home with the boys. 

And let me tell you, the boys were PUMPED about their day with Daddy.

After a quick sausage biscuit picnic, they met some friends on the square for a real-live tour of the Courthouse, which honestly I didn’t know was available for field tripping.  I should have looked into it though, being the field trip maniac that I am, because my kids (as nerdy as they are) ALWAYS ask to go see “what it’s like.”  They’ve literally been asking for years to take a tour of the Wise County Courthouse, and my response has always been that tours weren’t available.  Who knew?  These are also the same kids that beg to go to the library, so keep that in perspective.

So, after the fun tour, they really just hung around the house.  They played a little catch, played a little Wii, had some snacks, resumed the Wii, played with the dog, and before they knew it, I was home.  And, they were in the BEST mood; they rambled on and on about the wonderful day they had with Daddy.  I literally got a minute by minute rundown of every thought, move, and step of the day. 

I guess these random at-home-days-with-Dad are pretty rare, and that in and of itself makes them pretty special, add in a few cool things like a TOUR OF THE COURTHOUSE, and you’ve got yourself a Disneyland kind of day.  Daddies are lucky to have that Magical quality.  Everything they do seems to have a touch of fairy dust attached to it.  Mommies don’t seem to have that same special power-at least not this Mommy.

You know me though, I’m going to bed with the warm fuzzies I got watching their faces light up talking about their day.  Daddy Daycare-good plan!