Last week, I was visiting with some girlfriends over a hypothetical game of bunco, and we got on the subject of our favorite snuggly, cozy spots in our houses.  The spot we might retreat to with a good book, a hot cup of tea, a Ranger Game, an iphone, or even a Diet Coke over ice.  Everyone had their own spot.  For some it was their bed, overstuffed with pillows.  For others it was their couch, covered with a blanket.  And for one, it was even her closet-the one place that was completely hers. 

For me, well, I didn’t have one, and it really, really bothered everyone around the table.  They imagined me somewhere with my laptop typing out word after word-inspired by this very special spot.  They threw out all kinds of ideas, including the back porch or a spot by a window, but truly-I don’t have one specific spot in this house that is my favorite retreat. 

So, since last week, I’ve been trying really hard to find that inspirational, cozy, special spot.  I’ve curled up on the couch, the bed, the back porch, the kitchen table, the kitchen counter, the floor…everywhere I could possibly think of the stake out and claim as my own. 

But still, no spot.  Nothing is taking. 

It’s kind of stressing me out, which I think is the opposite effect of this so-called special spot.  Does everyone have one?