Yesterday, we took advantage of our free Six Flags Tickets the kids earned through a reading program at school this year.  Of course, they were pumped to go to the park, but the added bonus that they earned the ticket kicked it up a notch.  We rustled up some friends, trailed down to Arlington, and hit the ground running.

I’m not sure the kids noticed that it was the absolute HOTTEST day of the summer so far, but the Moms and Dads sure did.  We almost ran to Aquaman to start our adventure because we were already sweating through our clothes.  Getting soaked right out of the gate jumpstarted the rest of the day for sure.  We wandered to the Titan, Mr. Freeze, The Flashback, with all NINE kids in tow, all running up to check their height requirement at each ride.  Sometimes all the kids could ride, sometimes only the tallest, and actually sometimes only the shortest.  There was a little drama thrown in here and there (as only there could be with NINE KIDS), when the littlest kids wanted to ride the big rides (like SUPERMAN!), and were too small, or when the seating arrangements weren’t quite working out as they had planned.  But, actually for the most part, we were pretty drama free.  We trooped all over that place, refilling our drink bottles every five minutes and downing gallons of diet coke, gatorade, sprite, and water….lots and lots of water.  At the point of maximum heat exhaustion we retreated to the Cave Ride with its almost-air conditioned status, and that seemed to refresh us enough to keep on going.  Man, those kids have some energy, don’t they?  I wish I could bottle some of it.

And, they also don’t seem to notice the battering their body takes on roller coaster after roller coaster.  There were a few times I was sure I needed to call a chiropractor after the ride ended, just to set my body straight again.  Have those rides always been that way?  Or am I just getting old?  I’m afraid the answer is age.  I actually have a few bruises and sore muscles today…FROM SIX FLAGS.  Yes, definitely age-not roller coaster quality.  Bummer.

We closed the park down.  I’m shocked to admit it, but we did.  We ushered the kids out of there right as the parade route was roped off, and high tailed it to the nearest Taco Bueno.  Although, my appetite was immediately diminished once we all piled in the car and our aroma was so intense.  Kids stink, don’t they?  I’m sure it wasn’t me-nine hours in 100 degree heat couldn’t have possibly made me one of the stinky ones! 

It was good though-despite the heat.  I’m guessing only Texans are this crazy.  As we all settled in for the drive home, there were happy grumbles of the “great fun day,” and then there was lots of snoring.  From me.