I’ll admit that I’m more of a neat freak than most.  It makes me really, really, REALLY happy when things are tucked away in their official place, when things are clean, and when there seems to be order in the world.  Really Happy.

But, I know different things make different people happy in different ways.  So, I can recognize that say, my daughter, doesn’t have the same happy place in the same neat world I do.  I can recognize it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t drive me crazy.  It totally does.  Sometimes I walk into her room and feel weak in the knees because of the chaos that surrounds her.  Is that really her happy place??  Surely not.


So, here’s my question.  What’s the general consensus on kids and clean rooms?  I don’t want my kids remembering the chores of their childhood, bemoaning the fact that their Mother was a crazy nut that liked everything in order.  But, I do feel it is their responsibility to keep their part of our home at least in working order.  Sadly, one member of our little clan could spend much of her day everyday trying to do just that-make a path, and keep things in working order.   So, how do I walk the line separating our two worlds?  How do I instill the importance of organization, yet relax in the haven we call home?

I’m hoping that Slob Central isn’t the answer.  I’m really, really, REALLY hoping that.  :)