You know how it goes…

You plan a lovely afternoon playdate, or even an adventure to the park or the zoo.  The children play together beautifully, taking turns, sharing toys, using manners.  The Mommies have time to start and finish complete conversations, time to sit on a park bench or curl up on the couch for an afternoon chat.  But, it’s a set up.

After such a long, successful day, one of the kids will approach one of the Mommies with The Plan.  They have it all worked out.  They’ve planned dinner (usually McDonald’s or Taco Bell-something “easy” for the Mom).  They’ve planned the sleeping arrangments, and sometimes those over-achiever types have even planned activities for the evening.  They have reasons why TONIGHT is the BEST NIGHT for a sleepover, and why it MIGHT NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN-as well as HOW LONG it has been since the last sleepover.  They look at the Mommies with sweet puppy dog eyes, and a very long Plleeeaaase, as if any of that makes a difference.

Little do they know…

Sometimes, it does.

The Mommies seem to always reply with a “We’ll see, go play and we’ll talk about it.”  You can almost always see the mental high five as the kids turn, make eye contact, and smirk.  I’ve even caught a silent, “Yessss!” when they think they’ve been successful.

Tonight, I fell victim to the Sleepover Shake Down.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for Summer, and sometimes it’s nice to see the little children put one over on us Clueless Moms.