Last September, my lovely husband gave me a beautiful Brighton watch, which I promptly lost about two months later.  I was sick about it, and turned this house upside down looking for it.  I was certain one of the children, most likely the youngest Scroggins Hoodlum, squirreled it away in a secret location.  I blamed them daily, and even put them on the hunt to look for the lost item.

I eventually gave up, citing it forever lost and in the land of “never gonna find it.”

Tonight, as we unpacked from our family vacation (more to come on that), my husband found this beautiful long ago lost watch in his jewelry box-a very manly jewelry box by the way, mostly filled with precious coins of some sort.  There it was, just sitting there not being lost at all!

And, sadly, I’m almost certain I can’t blame the kids for this one-my husband maybe, although he will blame me, beginning a dissertation on how I like to “put things away” and never remember where that “put away place” is.

Right.  Like that ever happens.

But yeah!  Found watch!