My daughter has taken particular interest in the Gulf Oil Spill.  She’s worried about the birds, the fish, the shrimp, the sand, and the water-all of it.  She’s worried things won’t ever be the same, and she wants to have a hand in doing something about it.  So, being the Environmental Science Nerd that I am, went online looking for ways we could help.  Most of the opportunities I found were for “real-live adults” 18 and older, so I outsourced more research on the topic.  Lucky for me, my very savvy internet researcher came up with some great options for us to pursue.

Matter of Trust is organizing donations of panty hose, animal fur and human hair for help in absorption of the oil.  Look for more information from us on a panty hose drive-don’t throw out those runners just yet. 

Here is another site with information on other ways to contribute to the relief effort including:

Collecting Items for the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

Donating to the National Audubon Society

There are other great ideas on that site as well that allow you to capture this moment of environmental stress and show how those little small efforts might make a real difference.

Any other ideas?  Let us know.