As summer finally approaches (these last few weeks are dragging!), I know many of us are doing the childcare juggle.  Below are a few camps hosted by Learning Ladder in Decatur, and the activities are self-explanatory.  They all look super fun, as well as educational. 

June 14th -18th
“Back in the Day”
Site- Learning Ladder Fee-$95.00 Our grandparents lived in simpler times. But, did they? Come be our guest as we go back into time. We will see how they make bread at Mrs. Baird’s and even try our hand of homemade bread all on our own. Then we will bus to the Log Cabin Village to weave on a loom, grind corn and wash clothes a washboard. When the school bell rings we will race to the one room school house to do 1800 style lessons and cipher on slates. Next stop on our Back in the Day is finding a shady spot at the Botanical Gardens for our private classroom program with field investigation. We will learn about vegetables in the garden and even plant our own seed for our garden at home. So see you Back in the Day.
*Field Trips-Mrs. Baird’s, Log Cabin Village, and Botanical Gardens

“Hometown Hero’s” Site-Decatur Visitor’s Center 9AM-12PM Fee- Free K-4th Grade
Did you know that there are super heroes right here in Decatur? Well sign up with us and honor our own Hometown Hero’s. We will pay homage to our Police Department, Fire Department and EMS. Not only will we meet local heroes our week will be filled with games, crafts and fun,fun,fun! Show your support for our Hometown Hero’s and maybe we will grow up to be a hero too.

June 14th,15th,17th

“It‘s your “Duty” to take a great picture” Site – Decatur Library 5PM-8PM Fee- Free 4th-8th Graders
Renowned photographers Joe and Julie Duty from the Wise County Messenger will share their tricks of the trade to budding shutter bugs. Each camper needs to have their own digital camera to bring to class every day. They will explore light, aperture, camera setting and best of all how to take a great photo. This class is sure to be a “picture perfect” setting so let’s all be photo journalists and see you at camp.
*Campers must bring a camera everyday!

June 21st -25th
“Wild Kingdom” Site- Learning Ladder Fee-$95.00
Come take a voyage into the magical world of animals in Animalopolis at the Omni. We will see cheetahs that race like a Ferrari and bears that run their own fishing school. Those fish don’t sound very smart! Also, we will visit the Fort Worth Zoo and take a backpack tour. Maybe we will see some real life cheetahs. The week will be filled with animal crafts and we will craft our very own safari hat. So pack your canteen and sunscreen and come explore the Wild Kingdom with us.
*Field Trips -Omni Theater &Fort Worth

June 21st “Baby Sitters Club” Site-Decatur Library 1PM-4PM Fee- Free Ages- 5th-8th Grade
If you want to start to baby sit this is the class for you! How to safely market your business, ages and stages of development and health and safety are all topics we will explore. Everyone will craft their own sitters travel bag filled with surprises that will keep even the fussiest child engaged and interested. Each participant will also create their very own card with activities listed for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. A note book will be included to hold all the new information to help you be the best baby sitter ever!

June 28th -July 2nd
“The Great Outdoors” Site- Learning Ladder Fee-$95.00
Hands on, outdoor activities is what the Nature Center has to offer us. With their 3,600 acres comprised of forest, prairie, marsh and ricers, all of which are part of their giant classroom. Then later in the week we will trek to the Museum of Nature and Science and see the Water exhibit. They promise frogsicle, soft-boiled worms and a penguin huddle. Once we have explored Water, we may never look at a glass of water the same way. The week will end with our own viewing of Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk at the IMAX. Join us for an exciting white-water adventure down the Colorado River remember to bring your life jackets-just kidding.
*Field Trips- Museum of Nature and Science, IMAX, Fort Worth Nature Center

“Dino Dig” Site-Wise County Museum 9AM-12 Fee-$50.00 Ages- K-4th Grade
If you can name more than five dinosaurs you are the paleontologist that we are looking for. The week will be full of dino games, crafts and prehistoric fun. Let’s all get together and meet the creatures that walked the earth first. Did you know that there were dinosaurs in Wise County? Well, we are about to see firsthand. For some good old fossil fun be sure to sign up. Yaba-daba-doo!

July 5th-9th
“Sports Fans Only” Site-Learning Ladder Fee- $95.00
Did you say “Take me out to the ball park”? Well we will be going not only to the Ball Park in Arlington we will tour the new Cowboy Stadium. This week’s scorecard will be full of sports, trivia and crafts that every “good sport” will enjoy. AT the Ball Park we will have an exciting behind-the scenes tour including Rangers clubhouse, batting cages, press box and dugouts. At the Cowboy stadium wear your favorite Cowboy jersey and tour the team’s locker room even with a stop in the Cheerleader suite. Let us draft you to the Learning Ladder’s team and come play with us.
*Field Trips-Ball Park in Arlington and Cowboy Stadium

“Secret Fairy” Site- Garden Main Street Garden 8AM-11AM Fee-$50.00 Ages-K-4th Grade
Shhhhhh, we have to whisper because we may scare the fairies. So bring your wings and fly to our garden. It will be a magical week filled with fairy fun. Each day we will craft special fairy crafts that will even attract the fussiest fairy. And every camper will create a special fairy garden; remember that fairies drink from tiny flowers. There will be fairy food, fairy games and the week will end with a fairy parade. So remember to tip toe very lightly and come see fairies with us.

July 12th-16th
“Deep in the Heart of Texas” Site-Learning Ladder Fee-$95.00
This week we will journey to the Noble Planetarium to see a show about the “stars at night- are big and bright …Deep in the Heart of Texas”. Come and celebrate living in the great state of Texas. Also we will race to the Texas Motor speedway. We will tour the track, pit area and take a lap around the track. Ya’ll come- proud Texans only!
Field Trips-Noble Planetarium, Texas Motor Speedway.

“Scrappy girls” Site-Decatur Library 1PM-4PM Fee- Free Ages – 5th-8th Grades
Come bring your favorite photos and let’s start scrapbooking. Different techniques will be taught daily. Each day we will have time to explore new materials and work with the die cut machine. We will learn how to journal, show case your pictures and of course make those pages shine with “bling”. Let’s preserve those memories and create scrapbooks we can share with pride. All materials will be included except pictures.

July 19th-23rd
“Planes, Train and Tractors” Site-Learning Ladder Fee- $95.00
We will load up on our very own school bus only to make it to the train station. Puffy a 1896 steam locomotive, the oldest train in the south will chug us down the tracks. After we pull into the station we will picnic at Nash Farms and Chat with the chickens, and tour the tools and take Dig in the Dirt Tractor Rides. Later that week we will fly (by bus) to the C. R. Smith Museum to take a look at the world of flight. These hands on adventure will include sight, sound and touch aviation up close. This is promising to be a great trip so book your tickets now.
*Field Trips– Grapevine Train Station-includes a train ride, Nash Farms, & C.R. Smith Museum

“Jr. Chefs” Site- Ag Extension Office 9Am-12PM Fee-$50.00 Ages-2nd-5th Grade
This week will be filled with delicious smells and delectable tastes. Each day we will have time in the test kitchen testing out our own dishes and learning about different foods and nutrition. We will also craft items to decorate our kitchen and well as our very own apron and of course a chef hat. Come taste new foods and meet us in the kitchen. See you there but remember to come hungry.

July 24- Saturday “Let’s Play School” Site-Learning Ladder 10AM-2PM Fee- Free Ages- Going into K
Get those backpacks ready for kindergarten. The scheduled activities will mirror a typical school day. Activities will include singing, circle time, small group, craft, outdoor games, story time and lunch. The program is designed to offer a smoother transition to school and create successful students. So if your child is going to kindergarten in the fall sign up the school bell is ringing.
*Parents are required to stay until Noon then invited to have lunch with their child

July 26-30
“It’s All About Art” Site-Learning Ladder Fee-$95.00
If you are a budding Picasso this is the week for you. We will learn about different famous artist and try out different styles. We will tour the Amon Carter and Fort Worth Children’s Museums. At the Ft Worth Children’s Museum we will step inside a design studio and explore what it’s like to be an architect. We will plan a dream home or maybe even a dog house and construct a structure we can crawl through. We will paint, draw, and get our hands dirty with paper mache and clay just to name a few activities. Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body you will want to come this week – it will be a Masterpiece.

*Field Trips-Amon Carter and Fort Worth Children’s Museums.

August 2-6
“X marks the spot” Site – Learning Ladder Fee-$95.00
ARRRRRRR! This week is a paradise. We will the largest pirates chest ever at the currency plant. It would take a whole lot of sand to bury all that treasure! We will have pirate names and games this week. Toward the end of the week we will sail our pirate ship to the Dallas aquarium and see all kinds of sea life- maybe even look for a mermaid. So shiver me timbers and sign up with our crew this week for some walk the plank fun.
*Field Trips– Fort Worth Currency Plant &Dallas Aquarium

August 9-13
“Beat the Heat” Site-Learning Ladder Fee-$95.00
It’s hot outside so let’s stay in and have fun in the air-conditioning. This is supposed to be the hottest week of the summer and let’s celebrate by going to Main Event for some inside summer fun. We will bowl and play games and next stop will be at Tornado Terry’s so bring your best game. The week will be packed with in door games, some you may have never tried. We will even craft some games of our own. So if you’re feeling lucky come play with us – may the best man win!
*Field Trips-Main Event & Tornado Terry’s

“Puppet Show” Site- Decatur Library 9AM-12PM Fee- Free Ages-2nd-5th Grade
Want to be on stage? Are you a ham? Then this camp is just for you! Learn all about puppets. Each day we will craft a different kind of puppet and also work on a weeklong “big”. Every camper will be a part of a puppet show for our friends and family on the last day. It’s going to be a great show so be sure to get a front row seat.

For more information, contact the Learning Ladder at 940-393-7140