I’ve talked about Parenthood before, but every week I fall more and more in love with this show.  It’s like Playgroup and Therapy all rolled into one hour.  The show centers around one family, following the grown brothers and sisters as they work their way through their own parenting game.  And the game is funny, intense, awkward, and oh-so-familiar.   There’s Stay-at-Home Moms vs. Working Moms-that alone can fuel enough fires for one season.  There’s teenage drama, even pitting cousin against cousins, making me nervous for those upcoming years.  There’s Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism, bringing awareness to the masses.  There’s new dad drama-and old dad drama.  And then there’s just your basic family dynamics, which honestly, just helps me breathe a little easier at night knowing my own family isn’t QUITE so crazy (most of the time anyway).

It’s a show worth one hour a week, and as moms, it’s a show we can all watch and then reflect on as we gather at the park, bunco, or conference room the next morning.  It’s a show that starts conversations, and that’s a good thing-maybe even a great thing.

Are you watching?