Three kids is a lot of kids to get moving in one direction, at least for this mom.  Sometimes we are all scrubbed clean, with matching clothing and accessories, but realistically, those times are pretty rare.  And, when it happens, I take lots of pictures.  Most of the time, it’s all we can do to get out the door with one shoe on each foot, and to be honest, there have been times we’ve left with two right shoes or no shoes at all.  It happens.  I know, it’s shocking.

The school drop off and pick up has to be the most disheveled for us.  We scramble out of the house, grabbing backpacks, lunches, library books, and water bottles.  We arrive at school, and try to assemble all these pieces and parts on our person before getting to the front of the line and spilling out of the car.  Keep in mind that on top of this balancing act of straps and clips, there are crocs and flip flops also spilling out of the car as my t shirt and jeans kids trek their way into the grand entrance of school.

Time for a big sigh of relief that we got it all done in the time it had to get done.  Score.

Then, upon school pick up, it’s the same routine.  I see my kids scrambling and tripping their way to the car, jabbering on and on with random information, breathless from their daily adventure.

Just last week, I watched this daily event unfold yet again, and shook my head as I waited for them to trundle into the car.  One of the teachers on duty very candidly said, “here come the Scroggins kids-such free spirits.”  And, that really stuck with me.  It stuck with me because these things that drive me crazy about my offspring-the disheveled messiness, the constant excitement, the independent thinking-these are all things that make them Free Spirits.

And, I love that.

I really, really love that.  We might be a mess, but hopefully it will all work out in the end.  I think I once heard someone say that if it’s not working out, then it’s not the end, and I’m sure all we need is love to make it happen.

And while we’re at it, Let’s give Peace a chance.  :)