I feel like it is my personal responsibility to educate the masses on the dangers and horrors of poison ivy.  With all the new spring growth, it’s out in force right now, just searching for its perfect victim.

Monday, that was me.

I have a long history with this plant spawned from the underworld.  A very long history.  I refrained from posting a hideous picture of my skin’s reaction, but needless to say, it’s not pretty.  Sometimes I feel like all I have to do is look in the general direction of the ivy, and it jumps on my skin with a vicious attack.  I’ve managed to become an expert at my diagnosis, and immediately upon presenting symptoms I hightail it to the doctor for an immediate cortizone shot and steroid pack. 

However, some people (my dad and sister included) have absolutely no reaction whatsoever to the ivy, and really-that’s just not fair in my book.  My husband’s sister was certain she was exempt from the reaction as well, and one year did a little experiment by rubbing the plant directly on her skin.  Let me tell you, if you’re not sure of your reaction, this may not be the best way to test that hypothesis.  Err on the side of caution-it’s just better that way.

But, study this picture, imprint it in your memory, and avoid it like the plague.  I can rest easier knowing I saved at least one person from a wakeful night of insaneful itching.  Stressing the word insane here.