As I talked about in this week’s column, there are easy ways to spend a few spare minutes as part of our school community.  But, also as parents, we need to make time for recreation, for play, and for fun.  Another way to serve our community is through attending and sponsoring fundraising or community work events.  Many of these events are geared toward family entertainment, enticing us with a “day out on the town.”  And, by attending these events, not only can we make time to relax with family, but also we make time to directly impact our community, its charities, its needs, and its people.  There are events peppered through the year including:

  • CASA 5K:  This year the event will be held June 19th, with proceeds benefiting CASA, and ultimately the children in CPS care.
  • Sarah’s Cure:  An event in the fall organized by JoBeth and Mark Southard to raise money for Galactosemia, a rare genetic metabolic disorder.  The event includes a 5K and outdoor concert featuring Texas Country.
  • Decatur Tour of Homes:  An event during the holidays organized by the Decatur Women’s Club to benefit local charities.
  • The Decatur Jr. Woman’s Club hosts three events a year to raise money for local charities:
    • Fall Golf Tournament
    • Daddy Daughter Dance
    • Wise Hoops 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
  • Special Olympics:  The Lion’s Club of Decatur lends manpower to this event, as well as Salvation Army bellringing during the holidays.  Their fundraising efforts benefit touch every aspect of our community.
  • Spring United Way Golf Tournament
  • Lady’s Auxillary Craft Fair to benefit the hospital
  • Relay for Life
  • Crystelle Waggoner Park Work Day:  an annual event to maintain the community park built by community members.

This list is by no means all inclusive, and please feel free to discuss any events in the comments, so we can add it to our calendars.  The point is, that by attending events such as these, and noting the causes these events support, we can be an example to our children.  We can show them the importance of community service, and civic duty.  Attending events, sponsoring high school teams and clubs, sponsoring events-those are all small measures that can leave major impacts in our community and in the hearts of our kids-both where it counts the most.