As a follow-up to Thursday’s post, I wanted to pass along this real-life story.

Brian recently went on vacation with his 2 1/2 year old daughter.  It was their first “real” vacation as a family, complete with a roadtrip and a touristy stop or two.  In planning for the event, he and his wife realized their daughter was in an odd stage-the stage between strapping her in the stroller full-time, and letting her walk like a real-life grown up.  What to do?  Their solution surprised them, and a few bystanders…

We bought a kid collar.

I know that’s not what it is really called – it was actually a plush poodle that clipped around her chest with a cloth rope (the ‘tail’ as I called it) attached to the back. I always said I wouldn’t put my kid in a collar, but there we were in Red River, New Mexico, walking down the street to get ice cream with Audree wearing her pink poodle and daddy carrying the tail. I was just starting to think that, ‘Hey, this isn’t as bad as I thought,’ when my wife told me that someone waiting in line for ice cream made a snarky comment about “I’d never put my child in a collar.”

Even though maybe only a half-hour before, I felt the same way, the comment really offended me and I had to resist the urge to go back inside the store and ask this lady why she thought it was necessary to make unsolicited advice on our parenting skills.

kid leashWhat are your thoughts on the kid collar or kid leash?  Any more pearls of wisdom out there?  :)