This weekend the family went out on the town and saw How to Train Your Dragon, and in 3D no less.  I haven’t seen a movie in 3D since I was six or seven-if I even saw one then.  I honestly can’t remember.  The glasses have improved on a grand scale though, acting like real sunglasses instead of the paper ones with a red square and a blue square.  It took the entire movie for me to adjust to the 3D aspect, but towards the end I was thoroughly engaged in the intensity of the picture.

The storyline was fantastic.  Awkward teenage boy trying to please his father, finds his own way by meeting and taming a dragon, boy has to own up to his true self.  That’s a brief summary of the premise, but the emotion thrown in with the dragons, and the humor in the dialogue is so worth even non-matinee prices.  We laughed along with our kids as the boy developed a relationship with his dragon, and then took the lessons from that relationship into his school world as he “battled” other dragons.  There was even a little awkward teenage romance thrown in for effect.

Finally, an animated kid movie worth looking forward to the DVD release!