Yes, we really did have cupcakes for breakfast, but it’s not what you think.  I’m not the worst mom ever-at least in the knowing-what-to-make-for-breakfast category anyway.  Usually we have a well-balanced meal of cereal or eggs; sometimes we branch out into oatmeal, but only if we’re feeling feisty.

Today was different though.  Today we had a BIRTHDAY in the family, and in this house, when it’s your birthday ANYTHING GOES.  Well, almost anything anyway.  Want a pajama day?  GO FOR IT!   Want Diet Coke ALL DAY LONG?  No problem!  We let the birthday boy or girl pick the movie, the activity, the dinner, the songs–anything.  It is their special day.  Their one day out of the year that is completely and totally all about them-their very own claim to fame.  

And yes, it’s an easy claim to fame-everyone has a birthday, let’s face it.  But, there’s just something special about that one date on the calendar-that one date that you know is yours.  But fear not, I’m not completely insane. While I do love a great party, we’ve never had a petting zoo or a private circus come to the house to entertain us on these special days.  We’re easy to please, because it’s amazing how something just a little out of the ordinary can make a day seem extraordinary.  

Besides, every now and then, rainbow sprinkles are perfect on top a tasty cupcake-especially first thing in the morning.