My daughter is a nightowl, or rather, she wants to be a nightowl.  I try to keep a pretty strict bedtime ritual around here, getting her settled in her room by 8:30.  After a “one more minute,” she reads on her own, but we always have to have a conversation to enforce the actual sleeping part of the evening.  My husband keeps asking me “when are we going to just let her decide when to go to sleep?”  I don’t know.  It’s not in the handbook.  I remember my mom saying the word “bedtime” through middle school (I promise!), and I see middle schoolers everyday zoned out in the halls, red-eyed from late night texting and instant messaging, so I’m thinking this will be an issue for years to come.  But, to those that have crossed this little threshold of bedtimes, when did you make the jump to let this one go?