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Technical Difficulties

  • December 20, 2011 7:54 am

I’m that person.  The person who ALWAYS has technical difficulties.  At school, I keep the tech department hopping.  My computer won’t toggle back and forth with the document camera.  The speakers are fuzzy.  The laptop cart won’t charge.  The lights in the classroom are blinky.  I can’t get my Prezi to work.  The DVD won’t play sound-the video part is fine, just the sound part.  You name it, I’ve had the issue.  Hopefully they love me for the mere fact that all the problems I have are evidence that I use the technology.  That’s what I tell myself at least.  At home, I’ve gone through a few cell phones.  I think I’ve mentioned this.  I’ve run over one with a car (but just one!)  One of the babies drooled a little too much on another one and shorted it out.  I’ve dropped a few, and apparently the smart phones don’t like that.  Most recently, I’ve broken the connection where the phone charges, so I have a back up battery and a separate battery charger and I switch out batteries daily.  I try to watch TV, and either my husband has a much too complicated system, or it’s user error on my part.  I vote for the complicated system.

And now, my disease hit the blog.  For the past week I’ve had issues making my posts actually post, which when blogging is most important.  I called in the tech-experts, and hopefully we have fixed an tech issues, and I’m working on the user part.  Either way, I’m able to upload my thoughts again.  And, isn’t it funny…those days I wasn’t able to post, I had the most bloggable thoughts?  Of course, they are gone now, but they were good thoughts!!

I could blame it on the fact that we are still in school on the 20th OF DECEMBER.  But, I won’t…not this minute anyway.

Look, Mom…I’m so organized

  • October 26, 2011 1:57 pm

These are words I never thought I would hear my daughter say.  And, I have to admit, I when she said them yesterday I almost fell over and fainted on the spot.  Granted, she was referring to her own-self-made “artist binder,” not her school work or her room, but it was nice to hear her that she actually thought to put all her pencils in one place, or her paper in one place.  I can’t help but be hopeful that maybe, just maybe she received at least one of my OCD organizational genes.  I’ve already been fretting and worrying on how she would manage in middle school. As of now, she can’t seem to get from my car to the classroom without losing a paper, so I can’t imagine the kinks a LOCKER will throw into the mix.  So right now my hopes just skyrocketed that perhaps she is capable of learning how folders, binders, and pencil bags work.

**crossing my fingers, and knocking on wood as I type this.**

High Expectations

  • August 28, 2011 7:03 pm

We have one week of the new school year under our belt, and tonight are tucked in early to start the second week.  I have to admit, last week was a cyclone of activity and anticipation at the Scroggins House.

My kindergartener spent the week learning how to hold a bubble in his mouth to keep the words from escaping in the hall.  I wish I could implement this handy little strategy in all areas of our life, like riding in the car or shopping at The Wal Marts, but he promises it’s just for school.  He’s pumped to learn how to read this year, and was a little disappointed he didn’t get to go to the library last week to check out his own book that undoubtably he will be able to read on his own.  I guess he figures kinder has some kind of reading magic that will make him as cool as his skilled sibling readers.  Hopefully that all works out this week.

My third grader quietly found a place in his class, and thankfully mastered two step math problems.  He spent the summer worrying and fretting over the difficulty of such problems, certain he would not master them in any way, shape or form.  No amount of counseling or tutoring on my part would calm his nerves.  Nope.   It was the delicate words of his wise teacher this past week that helped him over that hurdle into his first third grade math quiz.  His only disappointment?  No homework.  He gets that from me.  In second grade I made up my own homework because I was so saddened by the lack of at-home assignments.  Nerds rule.

And, my fifth grader.  Did I mention I’m one of her teachers this year?  Yep.  So far so good, no apparent permanent damage, but we’ve still got quite a few weeks to go.  She seems to have settled into the fifth grade routine, looking towards the scary sixth grade world ahead of her.  She’s even promised to stay organized, carry her folders in her backpack, and work like a “real student” this year.  I just nodded in agreement, holding onto that “organized” part for dear life.

So there you have it.  1-Reading ASAP, 2-Homework ASAP, and 3-”Real Student Organization.”

My world would be just a little giddy if all this really pans out.

Day 2? Is that all?

  • August 23, 2011 7:51 pm

Is it just me or does it feel like Day 20??

The start of school is always exhausting, just getting back into the rhythm of routine.  With three in school this year, that routine is at full throttle.  The past two days it’s been like herding cats to get everyone out the door with backpacks, lunchboxes, and school forms in tow.  Then, it’s the same routine getting back in the house at the end of the day.  If I had a fairy Godmother, dinner and lunch making would be my daily wishes.  Why do we need food anyway? 

Three more days this week, then a couple of days to rest.  I think we can.  I think we can.  I think we can.


  • August 21, 2011 7:30 pm

It’s that time again!  Tonight we made lunches (I haven’t missed that all summer!), gathered backpacks and laid out First Day Outfits.  The hoodlums were a little jittery at bedtime, taking FOREVER to settle down and fall asleep.  We said extra prayers for our new teachers and for a great year.  (I said extra extra prayers for the teachers!)

All three of my hoodlums will be in school this year, with my baby starting kindergarten (sniff, sniff).  On one hand, it will be great to have all my ducks in one pond, but on the other hand, I have no more babies (sniff, sniff).  He’s off and on excited–maybe a little nervous, but pumped to be a “big boy.”  I wish I had time to dab my eyes in the morning with the other moms at the Boo Hoo Breakfast, but I’ll just grab a tissue and go.  I’ve got my own students to meet and greet!

I hope everyone has a fantastic first day, and a wonderful school year.  :)

Meet the Teacher

  • August 17, 2011 8:51 pm

As the week of teacher days nears its close, it’s time for the teachers and students to see eachother face to face.  As of now, a few of us has some names on paper, maybe an old school picture in a file, but no real snapshot of our new kids.  I think it’s fair to say we are both a little anxious for this first meeting.

Tomorrow, teachers will be putting those finishing touches on the room, and maybe the kids will be running around for that last yellow folder.  Either way, the worlds will collide by dinner tomorrow night, and we will all have an idea of how the First Day of School will play out.

First Day Jitters are universal.  I’ve had a lot of first days as a student and teacher, and no matter how many I seem to survive, I still have sweaty palms and butterfly stomach as I meet the little people I will share my days with for the next year.  So kids?  Know it’s not just you–it’s everyone.

Besides, we can always talk about all those school supplies.  :)


  • August 16, 2011 8:52 pm


How would you spend $202.96?  New clothes?  Groceries?  Crazy Hot Summer Electric Bill?  Any of those things could produce such a bill.

I spent it on school supplies for my three children.

That is a lot of paper, pencils, folders, markers, paper towels, dry erase markers, tissues, and spirals.  A lot.  And, being a teacher, I know we need supplies.  I also know that $202.96 probably balances out when you consider it covers the entire year’s worth of coloring, filing, math problem solving, and sneezing.    But, it’s also just a lot of money.  As a parent, I would hope that all those supplies are put to good use, and make a difference in my child’s learning.  But, as a teacher, I will tell you that there are a few unopened boxes of map pencils at the end of every year.  If I teach for the next twenty years, I might have rulers coming out of my ears.  And, I could probably give every student a new pencil every week, and still have leftovers.  On the other hand, I will be out of glue sticks, note cards and tissues before the Holiday Break, and at that point I either become an Olympic Problem Solver or a Frequent Wal Mart Shopper.

The Solution?   I would rather have parents give their funds directly to the school and allow the school to make the purchases necessary for classes, including the binders, spirals, baby wipes, and gallon baggies necessary for keeping all the pieces and parts organized and together.  In addition, if a teacher was already well stocked in say, the ruler department, then those funds could be used for alternative supplies, like extra note cards, electric pencil sharpeners, or air fresheners.  Yes, air fresheners.  Kids can be stinky when they return to classrooms from the outside world–no matter if they are cute, cuddly kindergartners or almost-grown-up-seniors.  Stinky happens.

But for now, this year, I’ve spent my nest egg on school supplies, and will send my hoodlums to Meet the Teacher Night with those supplies in tow.  Maybe by next year the school will adopt a “pay for two students’ school supplies, get the third for free” policy, or the lists will be smaller, or my School Supply Fund idea will come to pass.  Otherwise, I need to start saving my pennies now for next year’s supply shopping.

Last Week of Summer

  • August 16, 2011 5:49 am

Obviously, we are spending our last week of summer trying to keep a stitched toe from getting infected.  Yesterday was a more promising day in the life of The Toe, with less throbbing and a higher threshold of pain from its owner.  We might survive this yet. In addition to The Toe (yes, it’s becoming it’s own entity), Teacher Days began for me yesterday.  So, we are also spending this last week hustling and bustling to and from school gathering supplies, scheduling practices, and perhaps catching up on all the laundry in the house–hopefully.

The Dog Days are coming to an end very quickly, and we are sprinting into a New School Year.  We better get in shape.

Bought those supplies yet?  Brace yourself.

School Supplies

  • July 20, 2011 5:50 am

Can you believe it’s already time to start thinking about school supplies?  I noticed the display in Wal Mart last week, and this week I’ve actually seen a few commercials for new pencils and notebooks.  Wow-the summer really does fly by.  This is the second year we’ve opted for the pre-ordered, pre-boxed supplies.  With three kids in tow to school this year, shopping for school supplies pencil by pencil just did not fit into my equation.  ICopy has the goods now since they absorbed the Messenger Office Supply last year, and they make the process practically painless.

It’s time to pre-order now though, so stop by soon!


  • May 1, 2011 8:43 pm

This week I am sending my oldest child off to camp via Elementary School.  We checked and rechecked our “camping checklist” today to ensure we had all we needed, and now are just waiting until the magical hour arrives.

Is it weird that I feel weird sending her off without me?  I’ve never sent her to camp before, and if she’s been away from home it’s been with family or very very close friends.  At camp, she will be the boss of her own clothes, teeth, bed, water bottle, and manners.  At camp, she will need to listen, comprehend and follow directions without a firm “Mommy Look” from me.  At camp, she will be independent.

I realize she should be independent at school already, but we discuss her planner, binder and assignments daily.  This is ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT, for lots and lots (okay, two) nights.  I’m not worried about her safety or even her fun factor.  In fact, I guess I’m not worried at all, just disheveled–disheveled at sending my child out into the wild, and in charge of herself.

Can she do that???