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Anything goes, it’s Reunion!

  • July 23, 2012 7:46 am

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year!  We’ve had such a mild and lovely summer, but now that Reunion is here, the 100 degree days are becoming more and more frequent to ensure we all enjoy spending this entire week outside.  It’s amazing how we always adapt to the temperatures, allergies, and bedtimes.  Anything goes, it’s reunion, right?

I say that because it’s something that falls out of my mouth almost every day this week. Conversations typically go a little like this:

Kid 1:  “Mom, can I have a coke?” (11:00 p.m.)

Mom:  “Sure, it’s Reunion.”

Kid 2:  “Mom, can I borrow some clothes from (any other kid out there) because I’m soaked from the water balloon fights.”

Mom:  “Sure, it’s Reunion.”

Kid 3:  “Mom, can I do the Fun House 29 times in a row?”

Mom:  “Sure, it’s Reunion.”

Listen carefully this week.  I promise you’ll hear a mom or dad or both utter this phrase more than one time.  It’s a week of sweaty, nocturnal, small town bonding.  What could be better?  Especially when anything goes!

Suessical the Musical!

  • November 13, 2011 8:42 pm

The Decatur High School Drama Department is performing Suessical the Musical next weekend, and from the looks of the peeks I’ve been able to see, it’s going to be AMAZING.  Besides highlighting the fantastically talented high school drama students, Lance Morse and Amber Sneed auditioned elementary and middle school students to play Whos in the play.  It has been an awesome experience for the younger students–for them to see the exciting opportunities available in their future, and to see the work involved in being part of a successful production.  I’m looking forward to this weekend’s performances.  Carve out an afternoon or evening, and come listen to the wisdom of Horton the Elephant and the rest of the cast of Suessical!

Decatur High School Theater

Thursday:  7 pm

Friday:  7 pm

Saturday:  2 pm & 7 pm

Sunday:  2 pm

Chisholm Trail Steak Challenge-this Saturday! 10/22

  • October 16, 2011 8:23 pm

There is still time to enter a steak team, sign up as a vendor, or block out your calendar to participate!

This Saturday, October 22nd, the first annual Chisholm Trail Steak Challenge will be held at the Decatur Reunion Grounds.  Festivities will begin at noon, and continue through the evening.  There will be live entertainment from Cody Robbins, Brandon Gentry, Tyler Castor, and Jimmy Griffeth.  The event is free, but for $10 you can purchase a “Taste” of appetizers, snacks, and steaks.  For $25, you can purchase a steak dinner prepared to your specifications from any of the Steak Chefs on the premises. 

Proceeds will benefit the organization Outside Four Walls, which will allow students of Decatur ISD to apply for grants to participate in experiences outside the walls of the classroom, outside the city limits of Decatur, and even outside the Texas state boundary. 

Visit for more information, and we hope to see you out there this Saturday!

It’s Reunion-anything goes (almost)

  • July 25, 2011 6:18 am

And here we are again at the hottest week of the year-the week we all pack up our kids, our food, our money, and our pillows to head out to our own little shanty town of fun.  My kids are excited out of their skin that this week is FINALLY here.  They are planning their water balloon strategies during the day, and mapping out their carnival rides by night.  Most of all, they are wallowing in the lack of bedtime, the abundance of fun time, and in this all too familiar-yet unique week of the year.

My kids are old enough now to start the process of “checking in.”  They are old enough to know where specific cabins are located on the intricate map of reunion home sites.  They are old enough to remember the antics of past reunions, and to plan future antics for when they are “old.”  This week is carving a special place in their memories, and an even more special place in their sentimental hearts.  It makes me smile to see them so excited–so happy to be in their small town and with their friends in family.  It makes me know we are home.

Community Garage Sale this Saturday!!

  • April 14, 2011 2:40 pm

All that Spring Cleaning might just pay off this weekend-literally!  Decatur is hosting a community wide garage sale this Saturday, and we have merged with some friends and been put ON THE MAP.  My attic is already thanking me, and yesterday when we were organizing the loot to sell, I found a few treasures I didn’t even know I needed!

Since we’ve had all these kids, we’ve had a few garage sales through the years, and one little tradition that we started and the kids love is the Lemonade Stand.  Around here it can be a little difficult to set up a true Lemonade Stand on a hot summer day and actually get any customers to stop.  But, on Garage Sale day, there are TONS of customers, and they always fall victim to the cute, smiling faces manning the Stand.  Last year was the first year I let them do it all on their own, from making the lemonade to making the change.  They did a pretty good job, and made a whopping ten bucks in the end (that’s a lot when you consider each glass was only a ten cents!).

This year they are planning the lemonade stand again between softball, tball, and baseball games.  It might not be as lucrative as in past years with the inconsistent employee schedule, but I’m guessing it will be just as much fun.

So everyone gear up for a day of shopping Decatur Garages!  You never know the treasures you might find on someone’s lawn, and the gleam you might ignite in a child’s eye!

Things I learned during the Ice Storm of 2011:

  • February 4, 2011 8:58 am

It is very important to protect your well and outside water pipes.  It is also important to buy the supplies needed to do this BEFORE the ice storm actually hits.

We need a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Kids don’t believe it when you say 11 degrees is too cold to play outside.

I am a very social creature, despite my shy nature.  Five days in the house with my family leads to semi-delirium.

I can only watch four movies in one day, and even then I feel like a total sloth.

We need to make efforts to purchase actual winter clothing, ie waterproof gloves and not the $1 Wal Mart kind.

11 degrees is way colder than 32.

Now I really REALLY want some UGGS.

Ice and Snow can mess up travel plans from people as far away as Houston.

The Daddy is an important element in snow play.

I shouldn’t laugh at the people “stocking up” at the Wal Marts.  We ran out of Diet Coke on Day 2, and it almost got ugly.

I can make fire.

It takes A LOT of firewood to keep a fire going for five days.

People will always try to drive on ice.  I think it’s because they want to be seen on the news as the “poor car stuck in the same place for hours.”

I never want to drive a Semi, especially in the ice.  It is their destiny to wreck.

You can get pink eye even when stuck in the house for four days, and the temperature outside has not risen above freezing for 80 hours.

It confuses me how the news people manage to get to work on time, despite the bad roads, only to tell us not to get out on the roads.

Dogs love snow.

In a pinch, I CAN cook.  EVEN from a recipe!

There might be such a thing as too much family bonding.

I’m not sure what I did before the most wonderful invention of texting.

I still like a good snow day, but four in a row is just too many.  Way too many.

Friends are amazing.

Summer is my favorite.

and another…

  • February 2, 2011 3:41 pm

We survived today, but now have an entirely new snow day looming in our future for tomorrow.  My daughter made us a schedule of events to keep us entertained today, and my son is currently working on one for tomorrow.  Surprisingly, the schedule helped with a little of the boredom and sibling hatred that can arise from intensive family bonding.  Here’s how it went:

8:30-9:30:  Breakfast and rehearse play (written by said daughter)

9:30-10:  Perform and film play

10-11:  Technology Time:  itouch, tv, leapster, wii, computer, etc. (Never was this an option in MY childhood!)

11-11:45:  Family Wii Time  (sounds like technology time to me, but hey that one hour of me time was GREATNESS)

11:45-12:30:  Make sugar cookies (This didn’t work out today because I ran out of butter.  I guess I should have made a run on the Wal Marts like the rest of Wise County on Monday.)

12:30-1:  Lunch

1-1:45:  alone time in rooms (YESSSSS!!!)

1:45-2:  Snow Time (They wouldn’t have lasted much longer!)

2-4:  Movie Time (We opted for Toy Story 3, sniff, sniff…)

4-4:30:  Dance Off

4:30-6:30:  Movie Time with Daddy Popcorn (kettle popped, not microwave)

6:30-7:  Supper

7-8: Read books

8:  Bedtime (I’ll believe it when I see it!)

We’ll see how tomorrow goes, but I have to admit, today was rather pleasant.  I do have some of my own chores to do, and somehow keep getting distracted by said schedule, but maybe tomorrow will allow me the time to cross those things off the list!  I’ve already requested an hour of Lego Land Building-gotta practice those problem solving math skills!

A Lion’s Club Christmas…

  • December 15, 2010 9:06 pm

Tonight, my Lion husband hosted our family at the Lion’s Club Christmas Party–a tradition three years in the running for our household.  I always hold my breath as we trudge into the old building with our three hoodlums, hoping we survive without too much crazy.  I’m not knocking the Event-it’s a great event that my kids honestly now look forward to every year.  It’s just that some social events are more difficult to contain than others.  This one has wooden floors, folding chairs and close quarters.  All three can be elements for disaster in the hands of a nine, seven, and four year old.  But, to our kids’ credit, they are getting easier and I almost see the glimmer at the end of the tunner.  No actual light, but a glimmer.

There are two things I love about this event.  One, I love talking with Decatur Community Members, and hearing them say “to enjoy the kids while they are young.”  It’s easy to roll my eyes at that, and wish for calm, but I take that advice to heart, reminding myself that Moms in the Trenches do need to take the time to embrace the Crazy Love our children give to us so freely every single day.  Looking through someone else’s eyes, I can see my children for the Free Spirits they are, and appreciate that moment.  A quick moment.  Before they need to sit and be still.  Secondly, I love watching our children build friendships.  I love setting up the kids’ table and sitting back while our children talk, laugh and play with eachother–even asking eachother about past years’ dinners.  Tonight they were referenced as “Future Lions,” which made them giggle, but made me wonder.  They will be grown someday?  Is that even possible?  For me, it’s hard to see past the messy, loud, energetic conversation of the kid table.  A picture perfect, messy moment.  I guess someday it will be more refined and orderly.  Surely not.  I don’t know that I will know how to function without digging through my purse for pens, or quietly discussing intensive seating arrangements for best friends.

Ok, so there are three things.  Twice we’ve caught Santa driving through the streets of Decatur on a Firetruck as we were leaving.  The kids piled up on the corner of the Lion’s Club and waited patiently to give Santa a high five or a hug, and to eagerly accept a waiting Candy Cane.  Then, we waved Santa on as he walked from house to house checking on all those kids on the “nice” list.  On the way home, I listened to conversation about friends, dinner, Lions, Santa, and the beautiful lights on the Courthouse…

Does it get any better than that?

Focusing on the County in Wise County

  • August 16, 2010 5:36 pm

I know much of the information on this blog is focused on and in Decatur, and in knowing that I also know that Decatur is just one of the wonderful towns here in Wise County.  I want you-all my faithful readers-to know that this is not intentional on my part, just a consequence of me actually living in Decatur, and not being aware of all the wonderful goings-on in the other towns.  I would love to post any and all information in all the towns at any time, just send me an email or suggest the information in a comment, and I will post away.  We’re starting a new school year, and I’m setting new goals all over the place-this is just one of many, and I hope to see and hear about all the family fun in all the smalltowns.  :)

Monday Catch All-published

  • July 6, 2010 4:47 am

It helps when writing a post to actually click the “publish” button.  I guess the summertime fun has gone to my head a little.  So, here it is, a day late…

Learning Ladder Camps: call 940-210-5746 for reservations or visit online at

Sports Fans Only:  Did you say “Take me out to the ballpark?”  Well, we will be going not only to the Ballpark in Arlington, but we will also tour Cowboy Stadium.  This week’s scorecard will be full of sports, trivia and crafts that every “good sport” will enjoy.  At the all Park we will have an exciting behind the scenes tour including the Rangers clubhouse, batting cages, press box and dugouts.  At the Cowboy stadium, wear your favorite Cowboy jersey and tour the team’s locker room with a stop in the Cheerleader suite.  Let us draft you to the Learning Ladder’s team, and come play with us.  Cost:  $95, pack a lunch and wear tennis shoes!

Secret Fairy Garden:  Main Street Garden, 8-11, K-4th graders, Cost $50.  Shhhhh.  we have to whisper because we may scare the fairies.  So bring your wings and fly to our garden.  It will be a magical week filled with fairy fun.  Each daywe will craft special fairy crafts that will even attract the fussiest fairy.  And every camper will create a special fairy garden; remember that fairies drink from tiny flowers.  There will be fairy food, fairy games, adn the week will end with a fairy parade.  So remember to tip toe lightly and come see fairies with us.

FREE Kid Movie at Fossil Creek:

N. 6100 Freeway
Ft Worth ,TX 76137

Jimmy Neutron:  Boy Genius & Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeakuel

Decatur Public Library Summer Reading Program:  11 am & 12:30  pm:  Have a great time at the puppet show with Ms. Katie and Ms. Diane!

FREE LUNCH at Crystelle Waggoner Park:  Wednesday, 11-1, sponsored by Legend Bank

Decatur Boys Basketball Camp:  Decatur High School

Incoming 1st-3rd:  9-11 am, cost $70

Incoming 4th-9th:  12-4 pm, cost $85

$15 discount for additional family members.  Each camper will receive a reversible jersey and camp basketball.  Awards for competitions and a certificate of participation or medal will be given to every camper.  Please bring a drink and a snack if desired.  Water will be provided.

Girls Night Out in Downtown Decatur!  Thursday, 6-8. Stores having special summer deals and cool refreshments.

The Corner Place:  20% Off Flip Flops, Burnout Tees and Assorted Dresses
Sunshine Square:  50% Off Spring/Summer Clothing and 50% Off Shoes
Memory Lane:  Christmas in July everything 25% Off (excluding antiques)Main Street Mall:  20% Off Storewide
….Popcorn and Cold drinks @ Trinity Realty…
Have a great week!