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Falling Asleep…

  • November 15, 2011 8:09 pm

Kids have the most amazing ability to fall asleep.  It’s like they have super powers to fight fatigue, but when it finally sets in WHAM! They are knocked out. 

We have the same nightly routine most nights:  Read books, tell stories, say prayers, snuggle.  Repeat.  I’ll watch my five-year-old fight his way through his stories and prayers until he’s just muttering words that he’s trying to string together into a cohesive sentence.  His eyes will flutter slowly until they look like they each have a ten pound weight on them.  Finally, he’s out.  A fire truck could literally drive through his room and he would not budge. 

I have to admit, I’m jealous.  I’m jealous of his ability to crash, and his ability to stay crashed.  I have no such skills.  Not even close.  I lie awake rerunning my day in my head and when I finally fall asleep I wake up all too early planning the day ahead.

Oh to be five again, and to sleep.  Those were the days.  :)

Time Change

  • November 7, 2011 8:46 pm

Today was the first day the time change really counted for the Scroggins Clan.  We fell back Saturday night, so I guess technically we should have cherished that extra hour of sleep then.  But, that extra hour really came last night, and this morning we were able to jump out of bed and attack Monday with a little more oomph than we have the past few weeks.  In fact, I jumped out of bed even earlier because we had forgotten to set back the alarm clock. Awesome. But, for once I didn’t mind waking an hour earlier.  I actually had a few extra minutes to tackle that Manic Monday List before too much Crazy set in.

However, I remember all too clearly how a simple one hour time change involved a strategic plan.  It wasn’t that long ago that we had babies and toddlers in the house, and keeping those naptime and bedtime routines required a little more thought.  It’s funny how quickly things can change, because it truly doesn’t feel like that long ago.  These days we have Big Kids in the house–kids that practically set their own bedtimes.  If it wasn’t for the daylight drive to school this morning, they might not have even noticed the change!

Well, even if we didn’t have a strategic plan to tackle Falling Back, I liked the extra hour, and I’m going to pretend I get the extra hour every night this week!


  • November 2, 2011 6:11 am

Someone needs to invent clear toothpaste.  You’d think that the blue-gel version would be “clear” enough to help my boys get their teeth brushed without much mess, but that is just not the case.  Every day as we walk into school I notice the white smudges all over the front of their tshirts and just cringe.  Teachers-I promise we wash our clothes every single time they are worn!  But somewhere between the sink, the car, and the school, the white mess of toothpaste appears and plagues their outfits without fail.

So, clear toothpaste–that’s the answer.  Toothpaste the color of spit would definitely solve this problem.  Perhaps I should start the researching and marketing now because surely I’m not the only mom out there with the toothpaste-on-the-collar problem.  Surely.

Weather Wonders!

  • September 6, 2011 5:13 pm

What an AWESOME break we had from this crazy Texas Heat!!  We were so excited to walk outside and not feel like the sun was burning us we were motivated to actually clean out the garage.  Now I remember why I like gardening, camping, and sitting on porches.  Sometimes the weather is calming, relaxing, and motivating!

How did you spend Labor Day?


  • August 29, 2011 7:19 pm

Ok kids, I think we need to make a pact as moms that when we need help, we ask for it.  We all think we need to be Super Mom–dropping kids at their designated activities after school, cooking delicious dinners, cleaning immaculate houses, washing never ending piles of clothes, and working on hours of spelling and vocabulary homework nightly.  I think we need to lay it out there that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and some things fall through the cracks.

Just today on TWO occassions, I talked with moms who were overwhelmed with after school schoolbusing to activities alone, and were trying to problem solve their way through the double and triple bookings they seem to have in their calendar.  Even if a kid only has one activity, ie softball, couple that with their sibling that has baseball and yet another sibling that has tball, and you’ve got yourself a trifecta of calendar explosion.

Girls, we HAVE to be able to ask for help.  I’m the pot calling the kettle black here, as I only use and abuse my own family when at all possible, and only call on friends if I have the time to back  up the favor with a Sonic drink, but I truly feel we HAVE to just somehow get over it.  Call your friends.  They like you. Most likely they like your kid.  They want to help, because then when they need help they know it’s “all good.”

Right?  I think I’m on the right track here.  Let go of the guilt.  Text your friend.  Return the favor.  I’m sure it all works out in the end somehow, and in the meantime we get everyone where they need to be, and maybe some spaghettios on the table.

Now, someone just call me on this as I go insane on Thursdays.  :)

Thunderstorm Alley

  • April 24, 2011 4:50 pm

Pretty eventful weekend for the Decatur Skies, don’t you think?  My husband and I love a good storm, but our kids…not so much.  They have a little drama in their blood and go into full freak-out-mode as soon as the word “tornado” is uttered on the news.  We have explained and re-explained that in all of our years we have lived through hundreds, maybe thousands (?) of thunderstorms and tornado warnings…and yet we are here to tell about it.  You’d think that would ease their little worries, but alas, it doesn’t.  My middle child is certain the tornadoes have a GPS aimed our direction, and in between watching the Weather Channel on our phones and watching the rain, he is making a duck-and-cover plan for the whole family.

Hey, it’s good to have a planner in the family.

They did get a kick out of the hail on Saturday night though-I guess they’d never seen chunks of ice fall from the sky and not turn into sheets of ice that could cause Snowapaloozas. 

Take Home Message:  Texas Weather is educational and fun for the whole family!!–As long as we all adhere to that duck and cover plan and stay safe.  :)

Once upon a time…

  • April 19, 2011 8:26 pm

Once upon a time, there was a Little Brother playing in the parking lot at his big brother’s baseball game.  As he was running with his friends, engaging in very loud, imaginary play, another little boy called him a name.  A not very nice name.  A name like (shh!) DUMMY. 

So, the Little Brother took the opportunity to give this boy the what for.  In five-year-old world, that meant chasing and threatening.  The Name Caller climbed his mom’s minivan to escape (yes, actually climbed to the roof of her car), and the Little Brother tried to follow suit.  At that point, the mommies noticed the hate and discontent being played out on the parking lot.  The Little Brother’s Mommy walked over, sternly explained that crawling on cars was NOT ok, and thought to herself that she’d never thought she would have to explain such a thing.  In the meantime, the Name Caller told her that the Little Brother was trying to “beat him up.”  As the Mommy thought to herself, “Really?”, she learned a few more details about the Name Caller, and told the Little Brother to just walk away.  Be nice, have good manners, and walk away.

As the Little Brother did, he turned over his shoulder, glared at the Name Caller, and in the most sinsiter voice, said, “See you Next time.”

As the Little Brother and his accomplice walked away, they made plans to retaliate against the injustice in the world.

…to be continued.

Should we enroll in drama classes now?

Spring Fever

  • March 2, 2011 8:36 pm

We finished basketball a couple of weeks ago, and don’t start baseball for a few weeks yet, and is it sad that I feel like we are on some sort of vacation?  Every night is what we make it, so we have been hopping and skipping all over town visiting friends, staying up a little too late, making plans for what to plant in my flower beds when it gets just a little warmer, and dreaming of our lazy summer days.

I think this is the defintion of Spring Fever-and I also think I might be the culprit!  Sometimes it’s just so hard to be in charge, don’t you think?

The Circle of Life

  • February 16, 2011 8:37 pm

We have a few family pets.  A family Dog.  A family Cat.  And, a Family Hampster.  Do you have an idea where this is going?

Well, it hasn’t gone there yet, but the Family Cat is most obsessed with the Family Hampster, and has taken to spending excessive amounts of time in the room with the hampster… sleeping, dozing, cat napping, gazing…whatever it is that cats do, this cat is doing in the room with the hampster.  I have a sneaking feeling Cat is waiting for Hampster to break free from the cage and literally jump into Cat’s mouth.

And, I have a sneaking feeling that when one of the Scroggins hoodlums holds said Hampster, the Circle of Life might be unveiled.  If and when that happens, I will have to cousel the Hoodlums with the fallout.  And, what a fallout it could be.

Please help me hope that doesn’t happen.  The fear of the drama of that situation makes me really, really…REALLY tired.

speaking of shoes…

  • January 20, 2011 8:09 pm

Why can’t my youngest figure out which shoe goes on which foot?  Is there a secret way of teaching this spacial relationship that I am missing?  100% of the time his are on the wrong feet.  100%. 

Maybe he’s going to cure cancer with his different way of thinking, but I’d still like to see his toes pointing the right direction when I look at his feet.