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Chisholm Trail Steak Challenge

  • September 16, 2012 1:19 pm

It’s that time of year again!  Mark your calendars for September 29th.  I know there are baseball games, baseball pictures, cross country meets, volleyball games, and 4H competitions all going on that day, but after the dust settles, take your herd out to the Wise County Reunion Grounds for a steak dinner.  Teams will be competing all day for bragging rights, and after the judges make their decisions, the public can dive right in!  There will be vendors for shopping, a car show for looking, snacks for eating, music for listening, and college football for watching!  The weather just gave us a nice little Fall present–and this is the perfect event to enjoy it.  In addition, the Wise County Reunion Committee has opened the cabin area for renting.  Imagine sitting in your reunion cabin without the 100 degree heat!  Check out for more details.


The Weakest Link

  • September 9, 2012 7:30 pm

It was just over a week ago that my husband and I were reflecting on all the pets that have been part of our family over the years.  During that conversation, we both agreed that three kids plus just one dog and one cat were a perfect mix.  For us, pets are a part of the family. We take them almost everywhere we go, and if we can’t take them with us, we literally make babysitting arrangements.  I know to some it sounds absolutely nuts, but our pets are family.  They even have Christmas Stockings.

Speaking of puppy dog eyes…

Does anyone really just go visit a litter of puppies?  If you can, I’m impressed.  I know better than to try, but my daughter and husband are not so wise.  Last week, they fell victim to those puppy dog eyes once again.  At that hands of some truly cunning cousins, my daughter fell in love with a baby chocolate lab, just shy of six weeks old.  Imagine the cuteness factor.  She then batted her own “I love you Daddy” eyelashes, as she and the puppy snuggled into my husband’s heart.  A few hours later, they were home with the newest member of our family.

They did call and ask my opinion, and I reminded them of our busy schedule, and asked them to ask permission from the resident dog of the family (the one we were just bragging on less than a week ago!).  I guess puppy dog eyes trump…everything else.

So, we’ve established puppy day care.  We are looking into puppy training.  Puppy names are still in negotiation, and we are registering for counseling for the extremely depressed resident pup who is having a difficult time adjusting to his new big brother status.

Life wasn’t crazy enough….good thing we live for crazy.

54 Inches

  • July 10, 2012 2:20 pm

When the kids were little, we would frequent any fast food restaurant with any indoor playground so they could run their little hearts out, and I could enjoy their running while also enjoying air conditioned awesomeness instead of 110 degree blazing un-awesomeness of the Texas Summer.  The people that had that brainstorm are GENIUSES!

Because of my vast experience with various chains and their play areas, I became a bit of an expert (I believe anyway).  I knew which playgrounds were best for the crawling/toddling types–there you want a “soft playground” where the bigger kids aren’t allowed to trample the smaller, sweeter ones.  There are mid-sized playgrounds for the 3 and 4 year olds–those have perfectly spaced steps so the kids can crawl to the top of the jungle gym without freaking out and forcing their mothers to accompany them on the climbing and sliding journey (been there, done that.)  Finally, there are the bigger, more advanced playgrounds for the kinder-perhaps first grade kiddos–those structures have GIANT steps (way to big for the babies and toddlers to master), rope bridges, and possibly even whisper phones of some sort.  I have a cartoon map in my head of my area of the metroplex, and a good idea of which playgrounds reside in each given location.  This is a skill that has come in handy countless times–I promise.

But honestly, since I have returned to the classroom full-time, and all three hoodlums have entered school themselves,  our fast food field trips have reduced considerably–I guess I should say have stopped entirely.  I haven’t missed this little adventure at all, but today I was reminded of them and of when the kids were smaller and sometimes a little sweeter.

We were adventuring in the big city for a baseball camp for my oldest son, and because of that, did a little shopping, and treated ourselves to a fast food lunch date–we even went INSIDE instead of throwing bags of food through the car.  As I placed our order, my youngest son excitedly ran to the play area and began making best friends with all the kids already “in character.”  My daughter scoped out a table so she could no doubt text a few important messages to friends, and my older son looked at the play area before joining my daughter at the table.  It was all so civilized!  We ate without spilling.  Everyone opened their own ketchup.  We each refilled our own beverages–my son even refilled mine for me!  After lunch, my youngest hooldum had to “finish up the war” inside the play area, and the three of us watched him from the outside–noting the 54 inch guideline to play.   There were a few sighs of “I wish I could be in there,” but after that we continued a NORMAL conversation and they talked me into ice cream WHICH THEY ORDERED THEMSELVES.  It was like an out of body experience.

Because I’m a reflective type, I couldn’t help but remember all the playdates, rainy days, blazing days, daddy-working-late days, catch-dinner-before-gymnastic days, and even mommy-doesn’t-feel-like-figuring-out-a-healthy-dinner days we’ve had at the Fast Food Playground.  It looks like we are soon graduating from this experience as my younger son (who doesn’t know it) is fast approaching that 54 inch guideline.  Who knows…maybe we next summer on a mommy-kid adventure we will tackle a REAL treat like Pei Wei, and I will hopefully discover the new ways these big kids can still find their sweet selves.


  • June 26, 2012 9:41 am

Long time, no post, I know.  The end of school was a little crazytown for the Scroggins Five, and since then there was an amazing rainstorm that left me without the internets at my house.  You wouldn’t think it would take this long to actually make an appointment to get that fixed, but well…I guess we are in summer slow motion–or summer fast motion depending on how you look at it.  After a week of Baseball Camp and Glee Camp we set out on another Scroggins Road Trip last week.  In fact, I’m still working on laundry and driving around town with a car top carrier on the top of my minivan–yes that’s me if you see it.

But, hopefully all will be fixed today and we will be able to enter the world of technology at our house again, and perhaps I’ll finish up that laundry before running through a sprinkler or having my boys pitch batting practice.  Either way, I’ll be posting more regularly again…in case you missed me.  :)

How many school days left?

  • May 7, 2012 8:13 pm

It’s amazing everything we can manage to fit in just a few short weeks:

Battle of the Books

Rachel’s Challenge

Relay of Life

Field Day

Talent Show

Science Fair

Music Program

Awards Ceremony

End of Year Party

Retirement Party

Retirement Party

Retirement Party

Staff End of Year Party

and baseball, softball, t-ball.  There  might be ONE day that does not have an extracurricular activity planned.  Wait, it just got scheduled away. Come on June!!

April Snow Days

  • May 1, 2012 10:52 am

Yesterday, Decatur was out of school for a scheduled Snow Day–my kids never really understood what I meant by that, and I explained it ALL DAY LONG.  But, they took the day off as they kept peering out the windows for thunderstorms or snowstorms to begin overtaking the sky.  As you know, I LOVE a good snow day–the unexpected day off that ENSURES a family pajama day.  But, this long weekend at the end of April, as we embark on the Crazy of May was almost just as awesome.  In fact, I’m willing to jump on the every-weekend-should-be-a-three-day-weekend-bandwagon.  It was awesome to wake up yesterday, and not have to put on make up or go anywhere at all.  The kids actually slept in (since I did wear them out on Sunday going out and about throughout the countryside).  And while I spent the afternoon outside playing in the dirt, they amused themselves playing catch, playing army (or imaginary warfare–depending on your viewpoint), creating puppet shows, and rearranging furniture.  That last one was a little hard to digest, but I’ll let the Daddy deal with it when he gets back in town.  After a family clean up song to put the house back in order, we ended the day with a family movie night, and all went to bed rested and ready to tackle this week…I thought.

Of course, this morning gave us our usual Scroggins dose of crazy as the youngest boy woke up with an eye swollen shut, as I ushered us all out the door frantically calling doctors, co-workers, and making possible sub plans in my head…

When’s the next snow day?

On a completely shallow note…

  • February 15, 2012 8:17 pm

This weekend my husband treated me to salon nails. I’ve been wanting to try them forever, but could never quite talk myself into spending the money or time to get them done every two or so weeks. But, I do love pretty fingernails–something I rarely have time to make happen. So, I finally have pretty nails. I’m really quite pleased about them and feel like I could wear stripes and plaid and still feel put together just because my fingernails look kept.

Only one problem.

I’m completely useless. I don’t know how I’m typing this post. Please don’t check the spelling too closely! I guess the “artificial” in the artificial nail really makes a difference. I can’t pick up anything that is flush with any surface, ie a credit card off the floor, magnets on the whiteboard at school, a single paper on a desk, etc. I can’t open cans, which as you know cuts into my diet coke addiction. I certainly can’t pull change out of my wallet, type or text with any clarity. I think I have single handedly added to the funnies in the “cell phone auto correct” world in just the last week. How do people do this?

But, they are so pretty. I might take a few more weeks of this. I mean, how important are my fingers anyway?

It might be time….

  • January 23, 2012 9:20 pm

We have toyed with the idea of getting my daughter a cell phone, but just want to keep procrastinating that first step into the teenage world. Remembering all the terrible-no-good-very-bad days I had as a middle school student without instant technology, I’m dreading the side effects that no doubt come with this new right of passage. Plus, she has really only requested it a handful of times, so we are also thinking we should wait until it’s a MUST HAVE because then we will also win a few points as the cool parents that give in to the whims of their offspring every now and then. (Little do they know we had a plan all along!)

All this being said, it’s beginning to become a little inconvenient FOR ME that she is at times unreachable. This week she will be competing in UIL events, and will return to the school “between 6 and 7.” While I do love sitting in the school parking lot waiting for hours and hours, I can’t help but think there might be a more efficient use of my time. If the said cell phone were in play, she could text a more accurate arrival time in route. Yes, sometimes itt can be all about me.

In addition, tonight marked another milestone: the first phone call to a friend to work on homework. It was great to hear the studious banter back and forth discussing American History details, but since she was on my cell phone, my texting and face booking options were hindered. I survived, but it did spark a few additional thoughts on this whole cell phone necessity.

For now I think we are going to stick to the “let’s wait until middle school plan,” but I could also be a candidate for a bribe…

2 dogs, 2 cats…wait…3 cats, a hamster, a turtle, and fish…

  • January 1, 2012 8:42 pm

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but somewhere between adopting a puppy in our second year of marriage and now, we’ve added quite a few family members to the Scroggins Clan (not including the children of course.)  In an everyday setting, these little beasts add love and joy to our daily routine, but when we think of leaving for an extended amount of time, we suddenly realize all the dependents we actually have.

It’s taking a small army to herd our little zoo while we are gone, and in hindsight, we probably should have written down step by step instructions.  The cats are easy–they truly take care of themselves, well, except for the kittens.  You just never know when they might decide to climb a curtain or chew a TV cord.  The dogs are contained in the fence for the most part.  The one blind, old pup isn’t all that adventurous, but the younger, more energetic pooch enjoys jumping a fence or two when the wind gives him the idea.  I think between the three babysitters, they should be fine.  The fish and the hamster are truly self sufficient, with food enough to last a few days, providing the cats don’t decide to make them the food.  Hopefully we’ve taken enough security precautions to release that worry as well.  So, that just leaves the turtle.  I was actually given the turtle recently, and will tell you I know nothing on turtle personalities.  I’m not sure if he’s happy in his little habitat.  There are no tubes or wheels to run in like the hamster, or fun plants to hide in like the fish, so he just wanders from one side to the other looking around, sleeping, and occasionally taking a swim.  There aren’t any slow-release turtle food items out there (is that a possible money maker?), so I’m hoping he can go a few days between snacks.  I mean, how often does a turtle “in the wild” actually eat?

So, after working all that out, I think we have it covered.  Either we have big hearts with lots of room for animal love, or we are the biggest suckers out there.  Either way, we love our rodents, reptiles, fish, and other mammals.  Be good guys!!  We’ll bring you a snowball.  :)


Imagination Noise

  • December 4, 2011 9:51 pm

“Mommy, I’m not tired.”

“I know, but you need to relax and let your body go to sleep.”

“But, Mommy, every time I try to go to sleep, my imagination starts yelling at me to do stuff.  There is lots I have to do you know.”

“I know.  I promise I know.”

**Proof that every kid beats to their own drummer!!**