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Daddy Daughter Dance

  • February 2, 2010 9:58 am

Saturday, February 13, the Decatur Junior Woman’s Club is hosting a Daddy Daughter Dance at the Multi-Purpose Building in Decatur from 6-8 pm.  The cost is $25 a couple, and $5 for each additional sibling.  Other perks include professional photographs, Valentine snacks, raffle items, and door prizes.  Forms are available around Decatur, specifically at ICopy (in the Prada Shops) and the What Not Shop (on the square).  Pre-registration ends February 5th, so register early.  Proceeds benefit local charities including:  WARM, CASA, Wise Choices Pregnancy Resource Center, and Wise County Christian Counseling.

I have to admit, when my daughter attended her first Daddy Daughter Dance, I was looking forward to the event, but I didn’t realize the impact it would make on her.  She was only five, but remembers every detail of the night to this day.  She told me she felt like a princess, and that the night was like “real magic.”  Last year, we splurged and got her hair done fancy and sparkly before her REAL DATE with her Dad-dinner and everything.  While we try to make that special one-on-one time throughout the year, there is just something very unique about this one night of dancing and dresses that is dynamic.  And, let’s not forget the “real live magic-”always a plus.

Groundhog Day

  • February 1, 2010 7:52 pm

Be sure to take your kids outside for a shadow sighting tomorrow (Feb 2)!  If Mr. Rodent sees his shadow, then we are doomed for six more weeks of winter.  On the other hand, if he does not, then we can begin to change out our winter wardrobe for shorts and swimsuits!

Guess what I’m hoping for!

Fort Worth Stock Show

  • January 25, 2010 10:07 pm

It’s that time of year!  The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is in full swing in the Arts District of Fort Worth.  We’ve taken the kids since they were babies, continuing my own family tradition.  I love walking through the grounds looking at the cows, horses, sheep, and yes…pigs.  I love catching the horse and dog shows in the arena, and relaxing with a great Diet Coke while we do.  And, we end the day with a walk through the exhibit hall and enjoy some great Fair Food.  The past few years, we’ve spent a few minutes on the Carousel, but not too many.  There is the Wise County Reunion to compete with.  :)

General admission runs adults $8, and kids over 6 years $6.  Decatur Day is February 6th, and tickets for the Rodeo can be purchased at the Chamber of Commerce.  Check out the website here, and plan a day of Family Fun!


  • January 3, 2010 8:20 pm

I’m not a big resolution maker; I’ve never officially written anything down or set strict timed guidelines for bettering myself, but I do tend to file things away in my mind that I should “work on.”  So, this year I thought I’d actually write a few things down, specifically some mommy things for this mommy blog.  :)

1.  Relax the bedtime routine.  I’m a fan of the 8:30 bedtime, but sometimes I know I rush through stories or family hang out time to get everyone put up and snug in their covers.  So, I’m going to relax that a little and try not to get caught up in the time, but more caught up in the moment.

2.  Lower my voice.  I’m not a fan of  yelling, but I know I get a little frustrated when I feel myself repeating things over and over and over (and over).  I know how to count to ten, so I think I’ll put that skill to use.

3.  Make more dates with the kids.  The kids really do groove on their one-on-one time, and while I do make an effort to make that happen, I could do a better job.  Maybe I’ll come up with a schedule, once a month take a kid on a date with mom or dad?  Sound good?

4-Dinner.  You remember my joy of cooking?  I’m going to work on that, and sit around the table with good food more often.  I think we sit at the counter more than we sit at the actual table passing food around and practicing our “please” and “thank you.”  That means I’m usually cleaning something, grabbing a bite here and there instead of listening to all the conversation of the day.  Shame on me!

5-Exercise.  Yes, this one is for me, but they say by making time for yourself you are giving a gift to your children in some way, right?  I go in waves with regular exercise, but I’d like to again make a consistent habit of it since I do sleep better, think better, and overall function better when I’m in that mode. 

So, that’s it.  That’s whats I’m filing away for the next year, even going one step further by actually writing it down.  Anyone else have a list of 2010 “to-dos?”

the laziest week of the year…

  • December 29, 2009 8:46 am

I love the week after Christmas.  It’s really the only week of the entire year that we are complete lazy bums, and it’s awesome.  The kids are exhausted from all the fun we’ve crammed into December, and with their new loot around them, they are content to play for hours or hang in their pajamas all day.  We cozy up with movies, games, and with the weather this year, a crackling fire.  It’s also the only week of the year my kids actually sleep past 7 a.m., in fact, two are STILL ASLEEP RIGHT NOW (9:30 a.m.).  It’s like bonus time for me, because I still wake up early but have all these extra hours with my book, movie, and depending on my choice of caffeine for the day, diet coke or coffee.  I love my kids, but these hours of solitude are a nice little way to top off the year and gear up for January.

Despite all the laziness, I do throw in a little cleaning and organizing.  It’s the perfect time to clear out closets, drawers, playrooms, and toy bins-to make room for all that new loot I spoke of earlier.  And, for me, cleaning things out is superfun, but as you know, I’m quite the nerd on many levels.  :)

So, I’m off to finish out this lazy day.  We have plans to watch a movie and then watch round 2 of Christmas snow.  Maybe we’ll get out of our pjs.  Maybe not.

Snow, Snow, Snow…

  • December 25, 2009 12:16 pm

I want to wash my hands, my face and hair in snow…

white christmas 2009 059

Wishing everyone a very Merry White Christmas.  :)

A Holiday Toast

  • December 23, 2009 10:07 pm

The Poinsetta

1 bottle champagne of choice

1 bottle cranberry juice of choice

Mix together in a festive champagne glass, and toast the holiday festivities.  :) 

Kid-friendly version:

1 bottle sparkling grape juice

1 bottle cranberry juice

Mix together in awesomely festive glass for extra fun, and toast just like the grown-ups do.

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

Holiday Traditions

  • December 14, 2009 10:50 am

As we are smack dab in the middle of the Holiday Extravaganza, and I’m desperately trying to fit in all the Fun and Tradition, I’m wondering what other kinds of Holiday Excitement is out there. 

We try to pack in as much fun as we can; I’m a little OCD that way at times.  :)   We  make sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, decorate the tree, and all the mainstream stuff everyone does. And, we also try to carve out snippets of time to spend not only with our family, but our friends as well.  For us, friends are family “once-removed” as it were, and this time of year seems perfect to just be still to remember that.  Just yesterday, we were out and about with some of these wonderful friends, and almost by accident ended up eating at the same resaturant we’ve eaten at for the last few years around this time.  The kids actually remembered it, and as we had a little book exchange, they talked about the books they exchanged last year (my daughter, the bookworm in particular).  I was surprised at their memory and nostalgia of the event, and their eagerness to “continue the tradition.”  And you know, if it was even remotely sappy, I was all over that. 

Over at Shelf Space, Kristen talked about their Tradition of Christmas stories and books-something I might have to add to my own list of fun things!

What kind of traditions (sappy or not) do you celebrate each year?

First Christmas Card of the Season

  • November 30, 2009 8:58 pm

I got my first Christmas Card today.  I know, there are some SUPER organized people out there!  This particular friend of mine puts all other OCD-want-to-bes to shame.  But, I love her for it.  :)  Her card is always the first to arrive, and gets me excited about all the other cards coming to wish us Joy during this Season. (I love seeing pictures of everyone too!)

I’m actually a little behind this year on my Christmas Card extravaganza.  I usually order the picture part of the card in October (when things are on sale of course), but waited this year to include an actual Christmas picture instead of a random one from the past year.  But, I still haven’t taken that picture, thus the state of tardiness.  I am also one of those annoying people who write a Christmas Letter.  I’m sure you are shocked.  It’s true, I’ve written one every year since we married, and actually look forward to sitting down and trying to fit our year in one page or less.  Sometimes my font is too small, and my margins are too wide, but it always fits on that one page-a rule my husband came up with back in the day.  I try to fit in a little of everything, work, kids, pets, fun, travel, and sometimes even a little heartache.   I love to sit and read all the past year’s letters and see how our lives have changed in the last 14 years.  The kids get a kick out of reading what life was like before they came along, too.  A lot has happened in those 14 years.  A lot.  It makes me wonder what’s in the Grand Plan for the next 14 years. 

Whatever it is, I’ll write it in my Christmas Letter and send it along with wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and New Year.

But, my card probably won’t ever be the first to arrive, and this year, it might even be the last.  :)  That’s ok, right?

giving thanks

  • November 25, 2009 6:41 am

I’ve been in a bit of a Mommy rut lately.  I think part of it is the time of year.  We’re knee deep into the school routine, fall sports are coming to a close, and the Holiday Season is just around the corner.  Everything is going 90 miles a minute, and there are days I can’t catch my breath, let alone plan a solid dinner or wash enough clothes for everyone to have a matching outfit.  This is hard.  And, sometimes it just seems harder than it should be.  It’s loud, messy, confusing, and crazy hectic. 

And, every day I wonder if I’m doing it right. 

Over the past few weeks on Facebook, people have been counting their blessings.  In some ways it’s been very sweet, very quaint, and very humbling.  But, to be completely honest, in other ways it’s been a little annoying.  It made me wonder if I was the only one who had bad days, and wished for early bedtimes for my hoodlum children.  EVERYONE was thankful for their beautiful, caring, sweet, loving, obedient children.  I was thankful for Diet Coke breaks to help me deal with my children (who weren’t exhibiting those more than wonderful qualities). 

Then, last week at preschool, a teacher stopped me in the hall.  She went on to compliment my youngest as a sweet, smart, very polite young man.  After quickly scanning the halls and realizing her compliment was for MY child, I thanked her and beamed down at my littlest hoodlum.  He beamed right back and me and went on chattering about his day and what he learned.  As he went on (and on and on), I had one of those a-HA moments, overcome with gratitude and thankfulness for my life.

Even if I’m not doing it right-at all.

Because, I’ve been given the blessing of Motherhood, and I should be thankful for all the loud, messy carpooling.  I should smile when the kids commence their arguing, and laugh when red kool-aid spills on my freshly mopped floor.  I should look at them in wonder and awe when their world collides with my own.  I’ve been known to give the advice of “This is your life, live it and love it.”  Sometimes, I forget to listen to myself.

Thank goodness for this week, and for Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness we have a holiday to FORCE us to say an outloud “thank you” for our blessings-blessings too numerous to count.

I am thankful for my three hoodlum children, for their laughter and their cuddles.  I am thankful that they are unique, creative, and very, very independent.  I am thankful for the time we share as a family, for our family traditions, and for the opportunity to relive childhood three times over.  I am also thankful for my washing machine, dishwasher, the invention of windex, and earphones. 

But, most of all, I’m thankful for the moments inbetween the chaos.  The moments when I know I’m not doing it right, and somehow it all works out.  And, as if that wasn’t a sappy enough way to end this post, I’m thankful for the opportunity to give thanks-the opportunity to be still and just take it all in.  I guess I fell for that Facebook status update of thanks after all.

God Bless us Every One.  Have an amazing Thanksgiving.  Stock up on those cleaning supplies, buy and extra SD card, and take a moment to see the day in slow-motion.  :)