Tragedy prompts pause

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Decatur High School’s freshmen class lost one of its own over the weekend. Fourteen-year-old Travis Sitzman was found dead at his home early Sunday morning.

The cause of death is unknown, but it didn’t take long for rumors to sweep through the community like a harsh wind.

Many of Sitzman’s fellow students immediately began posting comments on his Facebook page. Many said they regretted the way they treated Travis. Mean words and jokes that seemed harmless at the time now leave those who said such things teeming with regret.

This prompted a church in Alvord to assume Travis committed suicide due to bullying even though there is no evidence on that yet. The Dallas Medical Examiner’s office is performing an autopsy. The sheriff’s office has said there is nothing questionable about the death.

All we know is Travis was young man with a bright future who’s life was cut way too short. I know people across Wise County will hold the Sitzman family in their thoughts and prayers.

His death marks the second one this class has already had to deal with. Last school year, in late March, 14-year-old Jonny Bell died from injuries he sustained in a dirt bike wreck. Like Jonny, Travis also enjoyed riding dirt bikes and motocross. Maybe they are riding bikes together in heaven, and streaks of clouds are their smoke trails across the sky.

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  1. Apostle Quing Burks

    04. Apr, 2011

    The church assumed it was bullying because of the statements made by kids that were guilty of bullying him and were appologzing. Saying that his facebook was covered in remarks about bullying. People saying “we are all the bad guys in this one” and “wow, we have really learned our lesson this time” and “this is no way that soeone should go out”. There was genuine concern that a TEENAGER LOST A LIFE. Whether it was suicide or not, how many of our children have died this year. Thank you messenger for your consideration of the same, I guess you guys are to RIGHT to come and pray for our youth tonight. We will be.
    Did you also print about the rise of Teenage suicide just in North Texas this year? It is a sad fact.

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  2. Elizabeth Haley

    04. Apr, 2011

    Thank you for taking the time to clear this up. No matter the circumstances, which is really none of our business, we should all be most concerned with this grieving family and his friends. May Gods peace and comfort be with each of them at this time. Much love to my son Joey Laremore and the freshman class. We dont understand these things today, but God has a plan, and a purpose for everything.

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  3. Jane Jones

    04. Apr, 2011

    Wow a church gathered and prayed for a child’s life what a blessing!!! Thank you!!

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