iPhone on the streets of Decatur

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South side of CenturyLink building

West side of Lions Club building

West side of Lions Club building

If you are reading this blog, you probably already have a good idea that the Wise County Messenger embraces technology and is always seeking better ways to use technology to bring you the news as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Last year we purchased an iPhone for the newsroom – one phone that would be shared among the staff, with the “on-call” reporter keeping it in his or her possession. The phone could act as a traveling newsroom – reporters could shoot photos, shoot video, take notes, post to our Website, use Twitter and Facebook and even listen to the police and fire emergency channels. Later in the year, I seemed to see the newsroom phone looking quite lonely in the newsroom. Why would this wonderful tool not be used by reporters?

The answer was simple – it hadn’t taken long for every reporter in the newsroom to buy their own iPhone. They were using their phones for everything listed above – just with their own phones. I quickly came to a realization that I was the only one who didn’t have this wonderful phone in my possession.

So now, I’ve adopted the newsroom iPhone. It truly is a wonderful communication tool. I was even able to use it to take a photo of some vandalism I noticed while out and about Tuesday morning. I snapped the two photos seen above on the back of the Centurylink building and Lions Club building one block off the square and then called the Decatur Police Department to see if they had any information about who might have done it or if they knew if the vandalism was widespread. It turned out that nobody had even reported it yet.

I can only post a photo of part of the vandalism, since there was a certain word used that is not printable.

I thought I’d post this here and see if anyone else has noticed an increase in vandalism around town recently? If you have any information, give the Decatur Police Department a call at (940) 627-1500.

Another great thing about all this technology is that it is in the hands of so many of our citizens. You can help be our eyes and ears in the community. Feel free to send us photos and news tips as well. Maybe we can post something here or try to find answers to any questions.

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