Reflections on Remembrance Day

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I come from a family of storytellers and know many family stories by heart. I’ve only heard this story once, but since my Dad got choked up trying to tell it, I remember every detail.

When my dad was a toddler, his oldest brother was fighting in World War II. Uncle Jack was a family favorite, for sure. But then again, I guess we’re all favorites in our own way.

Dad was in the yard “helping” his mom hang laundry to dry when a bus carrying soldiers home stopped at the station a block from their house.

“Well, isn’t that nice?” my dad recalls his mother saying. “Some soldier boys have come home.”

She continued hanging the laundry while dad played at her feet when they noticed a man walking up the street toward them. Still just a silhouette, my grandmother wondered out loud, “I wonder who that soldier is?”

They paused in their work to gaze upon the figure.

“That’s MY soldier boy!” my grandmother exclaimed, dropping her basket and running to greet her oldest son and first born child in the street.

“I didn’t know who that man was, but I knew he must be important for my Momma to go running like that,” Dad said.

Members of my family have served in every branch of the armed forces. My two youngest nephews are currently Marines. I couldn’t be more proud.

Thank you to everyone who has served, is serving and will serve our country in the military. May no one forget the sacrifices you and your families have made, continue to make and will make to ensure our everyday freedoms.

I will remember.

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