Reunionized Again!

Posted on 28. Jul, 2009 by

With The passing of yet another year of Reunion,I decided to tabulate the time that I had spent at the Fairgrounds this year. With seven days of reunion and a couple before hand,total time in feild was about 36 hours. Post work on Photos,posting blogs,twittering,uploading photos another 16 hours.

Total photos took, roughly 1200, total kept 260, four hours of video,total kept, eight minutes.

I would like to think that the WC messenger’s coverage of this event was great and that I couldn’t have done anymore on it,but I always think of something after to make me look foward to next year, and doing it better!

I wasn’t really required to spend this much time here,as this was only one of several events I coverd last week,but the thing about capturing the moment on film, if your not there you won’t. Then again it doesn’t hurt if you really enjoy it as well.

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