If an eighth grader ran for president…

Posted on 06. Nov, 2012 by

As part of a unit on the presidential election, students in Larry Owens’ English/language arts class at Bridgeport Middle School devised their own platforms based on the issues they found pertinent. Here are a few of the topics some of the students addressed:

  • Nathaniel Strother — “I would help provide teachers with better ideas on how to do more hands-on things so the kids can be more involved and raise standradized testing scores. My old school was one of those exemplary places so I wouldn’t aim for that school. I’d aim for some of the smaller schools, like here, that are having trouble.”
  • Jake Martinez — “The one thing I would really like to address is hackers, scammers. One of my cousins lost $3,000 in a scam. We need to take care of things like that.”
  • Tyler Banner — “I would lower the driving age so teens wouldn’t have to rely on their parents to get to places. They could get their permit when they were 14 and their license when they are 15. But I would make the test harder, and if they failed it two times, they couldn’t get their license until they were 17.”

See the midweek edition of the Messenger, on newsstands tomorrow, for more “student platforms” and to see how the middle school voted in a mock presidential election.

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