Blessed moments

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Wise County Special Needs Baseball volunteers are just as much the heart of the organization as its participants. The midweek edition of the Messenger, on stands tomorrow, features a story on the Jones family of Rhome. Parents Mark and Lori and their sons Brett, 17, and Ethan, 12, regularly volunteer — batting with players, holding their hands as they run around the bases and cheering on their feats.

Several of their most treasured memories (“blessed moments” they called them) made while volunteering were not included in the story due to space. So they are shared here:

“Teddy (Baker, 56) was my buddy last week. He was constantly asking, ‘What’s the score.’ Gail, his coach, had warned me that he would constantly be asking and she told me to tell him it was ‘2 to 2, at the bottom of the seventh.’ So I would, and he’d get so excited and convinced he needed to steal base. We were at first base and so I said, ‘Teddy, steal second.’ He asked, ‘Do you think I should?’ I said, ‘Just do it.’ And he took off. It was the funniest thing. Everybody was cheering. Some of the coaches were like, ‘There goes Teddy, stealing bases again.’” — Lori

“One player, Brandon, every time he would hit the ball, he would try to run straight up the middle toward the pitcher instead of first base. He was so energetic. I love getting to watch the kids’ reaction after the fit the ball. Even if it’s a foul ball or straight up in the air, they get so happy.” — Ethan

“My favorite part is the party at the end of the season.” — Ethan

“When they get there, they don’t waste anytime getting to the field. They get to field as fast as possible, and they’ll all be out there chatting up and having fun. It’s cool to see how excited they get.” Brett

“I’ve heard stories from their favorite sport is baseball, and then they’ll go off and name their favorite players … they’re into it, they’re excited. They want to hit just like that person or catch just like that person. You’re there to encourage them to do that. They know their baseball. They really love the game of baseball.” — Lori

“Some of the kids are very shy. It’s almost like the parents have to drag them to get going. But once they get started, then they really enjoy it.” — Mark

“There are a lot of teenagers that get out there and help. It’s fun to watch them interact. You can really see a difference and how the other kids look up to them. It’s an awesome thing to watch. And the expression on parent’s face watching their kids having such a good time, interacting with other kids. It’s priceless.” — Mark



2 Responses to “Blessed moments”

  1. Tina

    23. Oct, 2012

    I want to volunteer! Who do I contact?

  2. Erika Pedroza

    24. Oct, 2012

    Hi Tina. You can contact Jeri Kay Kao, president of the Wise County Special Needs Baseball league, at (940) 577-1848. Thanks for your interest!