Photos at your fingertips

Posted on 11. Oct, 2012 by

Ever seen a Joe Duty photo that you absolutely love?

What about a picture in the paper of your kid? You know it would look great in a frame on your mantle.

In an effort to share our photos with others and get prints to those who so desperately want them, the Messenger has set up a new site where readers can easily order copies of our photos.

Visit┬áto start browsing. We also have a link posted on our homepage, if that’s easier.

Once there, the site is simple and intuitive. The photos are organized by the issue in which they appeared and by event. You choose the photo you would like, pick the size and indicate if you would like it printed on paper or canvas. You “check out” like any other online shopping site, and the photos are shipped directly to you. It’s that easy.

And here’s a little secret: There are tons of photos on this site that never made it to the pages of the Mess. We spend countless hours covering events around the county but can’t get every photo in the paper due to limited space. Now, through this site, we can share them with you!

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