Animal tales

Posted on 20. Sep, 2012 by

This guy lives in our parking lot. Or nearby.

He was the Messenger’s unofficial mascot for a couple of weeks. We would go to our vehicles at lunch time to find him resting in their shade. Or walk out the back to find him playing at the bottom of the steps. Even in the rain, he would run from some unknown hiding place to greet us in the morning or tell us goodbye at night.

Several of us considered taking him home, but many of us, like me, already have at least two dogs and can’t take on another right now. None of us dared name him, although we did consider bringing him in the newsroom on more than one occasion. (Don’t tell the powers that be.)

I haven’t seen him since last week, but his tummy looked full, a sign which I hope means he’s found a new home. We’ll miss him at the Mess but would feel better knowing he’s found a forever family.


In other animal news, remember this guy?

The panic-stricken kitty that was tangled in a high-line wire Aug. 30 has been adopted, according to a post by Wise County Animal Shelter volunteer Brenda Argraves on the Messenger Facebook page. After being rescued by Rhome firefighter Katy Wacasey and medic Jacob Souder, the feline was taken to Boyd Animal Hospital where it was given a shot for pain. It was later quarantined by Wise County Animal Control because it bit two people during the rescue.

The cat reportedly recovered from its traumatic experience and continues to heal with a new, loving caretaker.




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