Harnessing a pinball machine of ideas

Posted on 06. Sep, 2012 by

My mind is a pinball machine.

Countless ideas bounce from corner to corner, and sometimes it feels like all I can do is grab at them as they whiz past. Although I prefer to work more methodically, I also recognize that sometimes you have to let your mind run and just work with it. This has been one of those weeks.

Here are a few of my fleeting, and less serious, thoughts:

I may need carpal tunnel surgery after filling out the stacks of paperwork each of my children brought home from school the first week. I only have two kids, but it took a good hour to fill out their enrollment cards and associated paperwork for elementary school. The real kick in the pants is that most of the information is the same. The top of each form has a different child’s name, but the rest is exactly the same – address, emergency phone numbers, etc. You just have to write it all down twice.

With all these technology savvy districts, why has no one put these forms in an electronic format? I can type much faster than I can write. Almost  every school in Wise County has iPads and laptops for the students and consider their district to be forward thinking, yet parents are still required to fill out paper forms. Go figure.


Has anyone noticed that Weatherford College Wise County, “located between Bridgeport and Decatur,” is technically in Bridgeport? The campus has a Bridgeport address and a Decatur phone number. It’s a true compromise, which I’m sure was integral to all parties working together for its establishment.

While the observation is simply a funny aside to me, I do recognize that the difference between a “627″ and “683″ is still serious business to some people. Personally, I’m just happy to see the college up and running at its new location, no matter the Wise County zip code.


Maybe this is the best way to dim the lights and quiet the bells and whistles of the pinball machine. I figure if you share a few thoughts, it must clear your head or at least slow the speed at which the ideas are bouncing around.




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