Dad’s first day of kindergarten

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I wrote about my daughter’s first day of kindergarten in the midweek Wise County Messenger, but of course there was way more funny tidbits than could fit in a single column, so here are a few more:

When it came time earlier this summer to pick out a backpack, we wanted to make sure it was one she’d still want to take to school on the first day. (She sometimes has a tendency to change her mind about things without warning.) So we stood in the toy store looking at this long row of backpacks. It was heavy on cartoon characters. Disney princesses were represented in a large way, and my daughter is all about princesses, but I worried that buying the latest “princess” backpack would only last until the next “princess” movie came out.

She picked one out. “Are you sure this is the one you want?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“You’re sure?”

“Well, maybe this one,” she said, picking out another.

“Are you sure? This will be your backpack for the entire year.”

I told her we didn’t have to buy one that day, and we didn’t.

We later found a backpack in another store that she wanted. It had a kitty cat on it. The girl has loved kitty cats since she was a baby. I think this is one that won’t go out of style. Purchase made.

One day this week, I was asking my daughter about her day at kindergarten. After a few questions, I asked, “Did your teacher read you a story?”

Her reply: “Daddy, what do you think?” I noted sarcasm in her voice. Kindergartners shouldn’t have sarcasm in their voice, should they?

And finally, there was a poem that was handed out in the “Boo Hoo” breakfast packs handed out to parents on the first day of kindergarten. I had intended to use it with the column but didn’t include it due to space reasons, but I’d like to share it here.

First Day of Kindergarten – Author unknown

Every one has a “first day”

when they feel sad and all alone,

It can be so scary

when you’re out on your own.

And I know that a “first day”

can be full of doubts and fears,

But they’re full of new beginnings.

Take my hankie, dry your tears.

You’ll find lots of things to do

and you’ll probably make new friends.

I promise we’ll be together

when the school day ends.

Here comes the teacher

blow your nose and be brave.

Come on now and wipe your eyes,

this is no way to behave.

Well good morning teacher.

We really must beg your pardon.

No, MOMMY doesn’t always act this way,

But it’s my first day of kindergarten!

Anyone else have first day of kindergarten stories they’d like to share?

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