First-day nightmare

Posted on 28. Aug, 2012 by

Our family’s youngest started her schooling today at Paradise Elementary School. I texted my uncle in the morning to see how the morning had gone.

“They almost didn’t get to go,” he said.

He went on to elaborate on the havoc that was this morning at the Luevanos household.

The family planned a late-summer vacation from which they didn’t return until yesterday evening, the night before the first day of school. Prior to their leaving, his wife had left everything prepared for Ysabel and her older brother Tizo’s first day — backpacks filled with school supplies and outfits laid out.

When the family went to gather their belongings for a first-day photo, they discovered a rather unpleasant suprise.

A cat had somehow gotten inside and “marked” his territory on the boxes of crayons, stacks of spiral notebooks and piles of folders.

Fortunately the rough start didn’t transcend into the rest of the day as both kids came home with stories of new friends (or being reunited with old ones) and songs.

Did any of you have a first-day of school nightmare as well?

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