New school year, new leader, I hope they last

Posted on 20. Aug, 2012 by

Tonight the Board of Trustees for Boyd ISD looks poised to pick a new superintendent to lead the district. The timing comes right as teachers, students, parents and principals prepare to begin a new school year.

With the hire, the district will have its fourth superintendent in about a six year period. In the short time I’ve been covering the district, I’ve seen three of them go.

Districts go through superintendents at a faster rate than in times past, but it would be good to see some long term stability at the position. Especially if you look at the money spent to buy out the contracts of superintendents. It cost district taxpayers approximately $400,000 to buy out the combined contracts of Charles Cox, Greg Stone and John Emshoff. And besides some personality conflicts, no scandal or illegal activity ever emerged as to why the board had to get rid of these men.

Boyd is a remarkable place. The district has talented athletes, intelligent and creative students, passionate teachers and devoted parents. But it also has it’s problems. It has a high percentage of economically disadvantaged students. The numbers have been so high that the district started giving away free lunches this summer and this fall it’s implementing a head start program. Not surprisingly, most campuses don’t have very good academic ratings. But that’s to be expected when dealing with high numbers of low income students.

These are going to be the tough issues facing whoever the trustees choose to name tonight. I have confidence in the ability of the current board of trustees to pick a quality candidate. I have complete faith that the members of board of trustees have nothing but the best interests in mind for the students and teachers at the district. But I hope the board can this time maintain their confidence in whoever they choose tonight and we’re not discussing buy outs two years from now.


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