Are you a Pin-a-holic?

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Do you find yourself wasting hours perusing beautiful images? Bookmarking recipes and craft ideas to try later, knowing you probably never will? Do you drool over outfits that you hope will somehow fall into your closet or find yourself giggling at “humorous” images reminiscent of book fair posters?

If so, then you, too, have discovered¬†Pinterest. For the uninitiated, Pinterest is one of the most recent social networking sites to skyrocket in popularity. It’s a way to collect and organize your bookmarks and share them with friends and family, displayed in a bulletin board style. Users not only bookmark their favorite places on the web, but they also use it to discover content on the Internet, whether that’s crafts, decorating ideas, photographs, or recipes, among hundreds of other categories.

I’ve been using it for a few months, and although I’ve tried a few recipes that I’ve “pinned,” I have yet to delve into any bigger projects. An interesting development is that some businesses, including newspapers, have started to use the site. I found pages for The Dallas Morning News, Denton Record-Chronicle, Wall Street Journal and New York Times. I’m sure there are others. This was just as far as I searched.

Most of them used it to promote their newspaper’s content in one way or another. A few of their boards harbored unique content seemingly made just for Pinterest. Honestly, the idea of adding another social network to the Messenger’s cadre of products and promotion is a little intimidating. We produce two newspapers, numerous special sections, curate a Facebook page, Tweet our hearts out, keep up a Flickr account, blog … and blog some more … all with just a handful of people.

But on the other hand, it’s almost compulsive to join whatever social media is “hot,” so we can be relevant and won’t be left behind. All of this did leave me wondering how our readers use Pinterest? Would you use it to access Messenger copy or things we deemed interesting? Or do you use it more like I do, as an escape and inspiration?

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