Long weekend on scanner

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For those that don’t know, each week the reporters at the Messenger take turns listening to the scanner and heading out to cover various newsworthy incidents.
Most of the time while on scanner, the seven days pass with only a couple of incidents.
That was not the case last week when the duty feel to me and an unusual series of tragic events followed. Within a span of two days there were two deadly accidents and four structures fires.
I know it’s part of the job, but each of these tragedies are hard to take — especially incidents such as the death of Cheyanne Dollins. I interviewed the 14-year-old and many of her softball teammates just a month before after they won a state title.
Though each tragedy is different, sometimes there’s may be a surprise or lesson that you can take from it. That came Saturday morning in Chico when I went to the structure fire at Chico Auto Parts.
I walked up just as the front window exploded with a loud crash. Flames ripped through the building and dark clouds of black smoke poured out of it.
Brave and tireless firefighters worked for hours to battle the blaze in triple-digit heat.
Walking around the outside of the burning building was the store owner Terry Hand. While there was pain with the loss of the home to the family business since the early 1980s, Hand provided amazing perspective as the fire raged.
“Nobody got hurt,” Hand said. “We’ll look at it Monday, pull our boots up and go again.”
What Hand points out in the statement is that all those material possessions can be replaced and what’s important — the people that made the business — were safe.
It’s an impressive point of view that not many of us can see through the smoke during such a crisis.
Please keep those that were affected by the tragic events of last week in your thoughts. Let’s hope the next person on scanner has a boring week and everyone in the county stays safe.

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  1. Jen

    05. Aug, 2012

    The only real tragedy of LAST weekend was what happened to Cheyanne, not terry hands store burning down. They can rebuild, but Mrs Mowry will never be able to hug or see her daughter again. That is more important then a stupid auto parts store going up in flames. You need to focus on the REAL tragedies and not simple misfortune.

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  2. Lynn

    05. Aug, 2012

    A young lady lost her life. THAT is way more important then an auto parts store. There is a grieving mother out there who will never see or hug her daughter again. Who cares about a fire? Why do you keep talking about it? We are all sick of hearing about the fire.

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  3. Nancy Maynard

    05. Aug, 2012

    Thanks to all of you for the hard work and long hours to keep us updated on our local news.
    And to all our Firefighters, Police, EMS, thanks so much for all you do to help keep everyone safe. You guys are AWESOME.
    Nancy Maynard

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