Games bring out best in us

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Today started one of my favorite events – the Olympics.
It’s not surprising considering that I’m the sports editor that I enjoy the two weeks of nonstop action that almost unavoidable thanks to NBC and its broadcast partners. For the first time this year, every event will be available for viewing either on television or online.
But while I enjoy the swimming, running, gymnastics and even the fringe sports of badminton and fencing, they are not what makes the event.
For me, it’s what the Olympics represent – the spirit of goodwill and the perseverance and drive of men.
Those qualities helped heal wounds after conflict and gave us reason to smile again, especially in 1948 when the games were revived after World War II in London.
It’s only fitting at a time when the world is plagued by many economic and political upheavals, that includes the dire financial situation of the birthplace of the games, Greece, the games return to London.
For two weeks, we can forget about those problems and put our differences aside and celebrate the unbreakable will that we all share as men and women. A will that these athletes from around the world put on display, while representing their home countries.
Enjoy the games. I know I will.

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