Suit up, county gains allies in fight versus EPA ruling

Posted on 23. Jul, 2012 by

It seemed like a done deal. On May 20, the Environmental Protection Agency ruled to add Wise County to Dallas-Fort Worth’s gang of nine counties that are not in compliance with federal ozone pollution standards. After that, it was time to figure out what new rules would Wise County have to follow being in a non-attainment zone. These include stricter emission standards for industry, more expensive yearly automobile inspections for drivers and lowered speed limits.

But hold up. The county, the state and several companies all filed suit against the ruling last week in a U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C.

The county appealed the designation last Tuesday. They claim the data used to lump Wise County in with the rest of Metroplex polluters in insufficient, the evidence is scant and based on an air monitor located in another county.

The county has been joined by the state of Texas, Devon Energy, Targa Resources Corp., Gas Processors Association, Texas Pipeline Association and the state of Tennessee. These are just the ones I’ve found out about. There might be more. And they might have a solid argument.

Just when it looked like the chapter was closed on this issue, this band of suits might alter what the future holds for Wise County.

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