Summertime snacks and Reunion recipes

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Summertime food may be my favorite. You know how some things just taste better in the summer? My favorite summertime snack, or meal if I get carried away, is mango salsa. We first had it at a friend’s house a few years ago, and we’ve made it ever since. Simple and sweet!

The ingredients include mangoes, red onions, cilantro, lime juice and garlic. Go heavy on the mangoes and onions and add the other ingredients to taste. Refrigerate after making. It’s actually best on about day two or three when all the flavors have fully blended.

A lot of folks prepare their favorite summertime foods for the Wise County Old Settler’s Reunion, which is next week in Decatur. Delicious food is central to the annual event, and it’s one of the things that people most look forward to during the week.

Different camps and families seem to have dishes or meals for which they are known. I’ve heard about homemade ice cream that’s divine; fried biscuits that transport you to a different time; and bacon, pounds and pounds of bacon.

What are you favorite Reunion or summertime recipes? If they’re not secret, share them here.


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