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On Saturday’s sports page in the Messenger, you’ll find the story of Tyler Story and his road to recovery from the devastating knee injury he suffered in Decatur’s second game of the season.
At the time it happened, I realized it was a significant injury. But like everyone else, I  couldn’t have guessed how bad it turned out to be.
The severe trauma to the knee led to a blood clot in his lower leg that nearly cost the teenager his right leg.
Countless prayers from the community were answered as doctors were able to restore blood flow through the artery in the right leg.
Ten months later, Story is back on his feet and even back running. He has to wear a brace and get an extensive tape job because of a damaged nerve that doesn’t allow him to pick up his foot.
Having overcome long odds to get to this point to walk and run, Story holds out hope of returning to play football his senior season. He’ll find out if he’ll get that chance next month when he visits the doctor.
While a triumphant return to the field that is injury-free would be the happiest of endings, there’s already much to celebrate and much that’s been gained from this experience.
Tyler admitted how he’s changed through this, growing closer to his mother along with developing a deeper faith.
Coach Kyle Story about to his 25th year of coaching professed a deeper compassion for players suffering injuries after seeing first-hand how it impacted his family’s life.
In small towns athletic directors and football coaches, and their families, are under a constant microscope because of their prominent roles. Sometimes very unrealistic expectations are placed on them.
But examining how the Storys all handled this experience without self-pity is admirable and something we all can learn from.

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