Shooting a zombie flash mob

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They were on the stairs. At the front door. Behind the elevator. Approaching the information desk. 40 of them.

In groups of two and three, they walked with slow, deliberate steps, quiet except for the shuffle of their feet. “They” were the extras in a photo shoot Wednesday morning, and their every movement had been orchestrated by photographer Joe Duty.

He was shooting a cover for a special section that will be published in August to commemorate the opening of the new Weatherford College Wise County campus.  Dean Duane Durrett and Associate Dean Matt Joiner were in the foreground of the photo, and all the extras were in the background.

Joe decided he wanted a motion blur on the extras in the background to represent the busyness of the new campus. This meant Duane and Matt had to stand very still — like statues — while the extras behind them walked to their previously appointed spots, all in a photo that lasted 8 seconds. That is, the shutter was open 8 seconds from the time Joe pressed the button on his camera until it “took” the photo.

I helped Joe with the equipment (read: held an external flash). As I looked at the scene before me, I halfway expected the extras to turn into a flash mob as they followed his instructions over and over … and over … and over …. and over. I can’t thank this group of volunteers enough. They were patient, cooperative and generous with their time. Anyone who’s ever heard Joe say, “OK. Last one. This is it,”  knows that is never the case.

The photos turned out great, though, and we look forward to sharing it with you in the special section come August. Below, Matt and Duane review Joe’s handiwork.


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  1. Matt Joiner

    13. Jul, 2012

    We had a blast! Thanks, Kristen & Joe, for the role you’re playing in the special section!

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