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A benefit account for Bridgeport native Aaron Logan, 29, has been set up at First Financial Banks. Donations can be made at branches of the institution in Bridgeport, Boyd and Decatur.

Logan remains in the Intensive Care Unit at Medical Center of Plano following a four-vehicle accident on U.S. 380, west of Denton June 30.

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However, his mother, Toni, called after the paper had gone to press with a more detailed update on his status.

Aaron underwent surgery today for a broken finger on his left.

“A lot of the time, broken bones in your hands heal in two weeks,” she explained. “They didn’t want it to heal wrong and have to break it to fix it. So they went in and fixed that.”

In addition, surgeons pulled some skin over a wide laceration on his head.

“He has quite a gash on his head,” Toni added. “It’s miraculous that he didn’t have any brain trauma. It looks really bad. When they told me he didn’t have any trauma, I asked, ‘What do you mean? It looks really bad.’ And the doctor said, ‘It’s all on the outside.’”

Other injuries included a broken sternum that bruised his lungs and a broken C7 vertebrae in his neck. He was put on sedation right away so tubes could be inserted.

Toni added that most of the swelling had gone down. He remains on a respirator, but doctors hope to insert a trach at the end of the week. With that, he will be taken off sedations, which she describes as “a good thing” and hopefully talk.

“When he tries, he gags on the tubes,” Toni said. “With the trach, he’ll be able to talk if he covers it. He won’t be taken off the respiratory completely, though. It’s hard for him to take deep breath because his sternum hurts. We don’t anticipate having to keep the trach. It’s an in-between measure.”

Aaron has undergone a spine surgery. With the exception of procedure to insert a trach, Toni expects only another surgery to reattach torn ligaments on the back of his neck.

Depending on how Aaron respond to the trach will determine how much longer he remains in ICU. Afterward, he’ll head to a rehab facility for therapy.

“We were told we’d be in ICU for at least two weeks,” Toni said. “Everything is up in the air. We’ll just have to wait and see how he responds. But we’re believing in God for a 100 percent recovery. That’s the way we’re praying. We’ll see what God does.”

Continue to follow Aaron’s progress on the Facebook page Get Well Aaron.

In addition to donations, the Logan family is encouraging people to purchase his CD “Freedom Calls,” available on iTunes or his website

“When you listen to it now and know what he is fighting now, it takes on a whole new meaning,” his mother said. “it’s really amazing to listen to the lyrics.”


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