In the midst of a tragic epidemic

Posted on 09. Jul, 2012 by

A thin band of storms swept across the land Saturday afternoon. They came from the north. They cooled the air. But a nightmare shattered the day.

Marcus Silletti, a 14-year-old with everything going for him was hit and killed by a train in Alvord. He had headphones in and didn’t hear the train approaching from the north. It struck him from behind.

Family and friends arrived in moments, standing and waiting and suffering for hours as they waited for investigators to identify Marcus.

Marcus and his family are not alone. In the past few months at least five other teens have died the exact same way in the United States. Fourteen more have been killed while just walking or standing on the tracks. It seems we’re in the midst of some tragic epidemic.

Some people say all things happen for a reason. I can find no worthwhile reason for any of this.

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