Wise County Adventures: Weatherford College

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Messenger photo by Ken Roselle

Part of our job is being intimately familiar with local people and places, and in an effort to stay well-versed in all things Wise County, we occasionally venture out for a group field trip. This week our destination was Weatherford College Wise County.

Wednesday morning the entire staff toured the new campus in preparation to begin work on a special section marking the campus opening. We marveled at the beautiful natural light, squashed jealousy at the sight of their coffee bar and imagined the awesome opportunities for students as we walked through the nursing labs.

One lab is a simulated hospital complete with a nurse’s station, hospital beds separated by curtains and even patients — dummies that show all types of symptoms.

“You can have everything from a baby, to a heart attack to a stroke here,” Associate Dean Matt Joiner said as we entered the lab. He was describing just a few of the conditions that dummies will simulate for students.

The classrooms are spacious, well-lit and all wired with the latest technology. We also noted there are plenty of electrical outlets for charging laptops, iPads, phones and the like. On occasion, I heard more than one person mention the tour made them want to go back to school.

With lounge areas tucked in various corners and beautiful views from almost every window, I’m tempted to set up shop there myself. It could be my satellite office. I’m sure no one would notice if I claimed an upstairs couch for myself. Or maybe they would politely look the other way.

We were all impressed with the interior, and I think students will enjoy their time spent there. Plus, the design really does seem to keep students’ needs in mind with plenty of workspace, areas to relax and a logical flow and layout. Joiner said the college is hosting an open house for students and their families July 14, and a public open house in September. Watch upcoming issues of the Messenger for more information. Our special section on the campus will be published in August.

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