An hour in Alvord

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Of all the towns in Wise County, I’ve always said Alvord was the town that reminded me of my hometown where I grew up. It has about the same population, similar size school distrtict and is about 10 miles north of the county seat – a town similar in size to Decatur.

I had the opportunity to spend some time in Alvord earlier this week when I checked in on the Alvord Cares summer feeding program. Last week was their first distribution of food, and I was curious to see how things went.

I tried to time my arrival for when I thought the volunteers would be working on filling bags for this week’s food distribution. I got their around the time they would normally by working, but the schedule this week was a little different due to vacation bible school, meaning I had an hour to kill.

I decided to just take a drive around Alvord. I was eager to check out the new Marketplace store. I knew it had opened and had seen photos, but I hand’t actually been inside. I was impressed with what I saw. While not as big as the Marketplace store in Decatur, I couldn’t help but think that my small town growing up never had such a store. Actually, we did for awhile, but for some reason I remember it closing when I was a kid. Recently, a grocery chain in the area opened a store in my hometown, but it’s located in an old convenience store, so it is pretty small to say the least.

But back to the Marketplace store, it looks like it has just about everything one could need from a grocery store. I’m sure it has been well received by the town’s residents.

The staff was friendly too, even asking if I wanted an Update in my bag.

I went back to the First United Methodist Church to visit with the volunteers and found out that the first week had been a success, with every family signed up coming by. I wrote a story about it in the midweek paper.

So whether it’s the local grocery store or a local church providing food to those in need this summer, it’s clear that people in town have their food needs covered.

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