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I had the privilege of visiting with Keitha Story-Stephenson about her projects in Ghana (see an upcoming issue of the Messenger).

Throughout the interview, I felt like I hit many gold mines with her colorful quotes and compelling anecdotes. One was the memory of her fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Grigsby, who asked all her students not go to bed until they’d learn three things that day.

In honor of that notion, I’ll share my three:

  • -Vineyard is a community located two miles south of Wizard Wells, 13 miles southeast of Jacksboro.
  • The lions outside the Decatur Lions Club were willed from the N.H. Barron estate in 1982. According to Barron, the lions were cast in England in 1849 by Henry Greathouse.
  • Not that this is new knowledge, but it is refreshing to constantly be reminded of the intriguing people that live in Wise County. We have plenty here.

What three things did you learn today?

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