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In 2003, I laced up my shoes for the first time and tackled the 26.2 miles of the White Rock Marathon in Dallas.
Every year since, it’s been my December tradition, even when injured, to run this great event.
Over the years, the starting point has changed, and usually for the better. I may have been one of the few that actually liked Fair Park.
Even though the quaint quarters of downtown Dallas this year, I was willing to have an open mind about it. It was still going to be the hometown race and the White Rock Marathon.
But now, it’s not. The race’s board of directors have decided to change the name to the generic-sounding Dallas Marathon. The trademark that set the race apart “White Rock” is now gone.
The reason is to attract people from out-of-town, who were supposedly confused. Though there’s never any confusion about the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minn., Flying Pig in Cincinnati, or just down the street Cowtown in Fort Worth. If there really was confusion, just add Dallas in front of White Rock.
Unfortunately instead, tradition takes a backseat to dollar.
I can understand wanting to grow the race, which does raise money for a wonderful charity — the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. But it does not need to be done while turning away from the people that built the race in the first place.
The founder of the race by the way is Wise County resident, Tal Morrison of Alvord. He put on the first White Rock Marathon 1971 with 82 entrants and 62 finishers.
After meeting Morrison and hearing the work he put in to start the event, I’m a bit more bitter about the name change.
But even though I’m not in support of the new name, I have already forked over my $100 to be part of the field in December to run the former White Rock Marathon.
I hope some of you join me for the 26.2 miles, the half or the five-person relay.

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