And in chupacabra news …

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I know, I know … we’re probably all a little tired of hearing about the chupacabra. But I’m a sucker for a monster story, and supposedly a pack of the mythical creatures has been discovered in Cedar Park, near Austin in Williamson County.

Reporter Benjamin Wermund wrote “Cedar Park resident spots Chupacabra — or mangy coyote” for the Thursday Austin American-Statesman, and blogged about the beasts on WillCo Wired on the Statesman website. As you can imagine, the sightings have caused quite a stir.

Even though I realize these creatures do not exist, I’m compelled to read every story about a potential discovery. I’m usually disappointed, though and left thinking: “Your chupacabra isn’t as good as our chupacabra.”

In case you need to brush up on the local chupacabra legend, our web guru recently compiled all the stories, videos and photos in one place on our website — The Legend of Wise County’s Chupacabra. Go ahead and check it out … It’s kind of fun to reminisce … even if it did turn out to be a hairless raccoon.

Just this week I came across one individual who’s trying to pass our chupacabra off as the real deal. @missplendor tweeted the following on May 28: “This critter tried to attack a friend of my grandpas. Chupacabra finding in Hooper UT. Not a lie.” This is interesting because the photo linked to this tweet is some instagram version of the Messenger’s photo by Joe Duty.

Hmm … I hate to tell her, but unless her grandpa’s friend played 18 holes on the Runaway Bay Golf Course in 2010, I doubt he came face-to-face with THIS chupacabra.

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  1. Bud Kennedy

    01. Jun, 2012

    You should call that the Gringo Chupacabra,

    It’s an embarrassment to the legend–

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