Thank you, Mr. Massey

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I finally met the unnamed gentleman I mentioned in this column:

Curtis Massey, husband of Newark city councilmember Chana, was the very nice gentleman who offered me assistance after I escaped a near-death experience last year.

Until yesterday, I had no idea who the man was. I knew he was very nice and that he drove a pickup. That’s all

At yesterday’s Memorial Day ceremony at the Newark Public Library, Chana approached me and nicely asked who I was.

When I responded with my name, she turned to her husband and asked, “Was this her?”

I felt baffled for an entire two seconds before my eyeballs near popped out of socket and I covered my face in shame, realizing exactly who Curtis was and how he knew me.

Like that eerie March day, he was nice about any absentmindedness to which my brush with death may be attributed.

“Those wildfires take a life of their own,” he said. “But man, when I saw you running like you were, I thought you were the one on fire.”

Anybody who knows my disdain for running can further appreciate the statement’s comedy.

Quiet and shy of any limelight, I felt I owed the man at least a shout out on here.

So once again, thanks for your help, Mr. Massey. You have no idea how grateful I am of you.

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